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ArchivesChicago data archiving solution is a top level, cloud-powered storage and search archiving platform for every piece of data.  It is specifically designed to facilitate storing costs for our clients and helping them to manage large amounts of static data.   We offer an array of data filing solutions including: real-time search; long-term inactive data storage; full-text indexing and more.  The goal in all these areas is to significantly decrease storage costs by getting rid of the need for costly on-site storage infrastructure.

We also engage in file archiving.  This means that when a file is removed or overwritten, the old file is put in a local (or network-based) archive. The files that are transferred to the archive keep the same timestamp.  That timestamp is encoded in the file name.  This means that many versions of files can be maintained for a certain amount of time.  With the extensive options solution at ArchivesChicago, the client is able to control how many versions of each file to keep, in what location and for what amount of time.

Latin America

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It is a University more dedicated to teaching that research, says Ince. The ranking of the University of Shanghai, in turn, It is also headed by Harvard and other universities in United States and Great Britain, and includes only three universities in Latin America among the best 200 in the world. The list, which after the first 100 posts grouped the rest in groups of 50 universities, places the University of Sao Paulo, in Brazil, in the Group of 102-150, while the University of Buenos Aires in Argentina and UNAM are placed in the category of 151-200. Learn more about this topic with the insights from Daniel Taub. Both rankings give little to celebrate in Latin America. The three Latin American universities are well below the universities of China, (Beijing University is number 15 in the world in the list of the London Times), Singapore, India, Korea’s South and several other countries. Adds Professor Chicha Paez, that there is no doubt that Latin America is lagging behind in higher education, as noted by Jeffrey Puryear, an expert in education of the Inter-American dialogue in Washington D.C. Parte of the problem is that Governments do not demand higher standards of their universities. They have much political power, and are reluctant to be evaluated.

Latin American Governments also give most of the funds for higher education at the universities, rather than give it to students. This would allow students to choose where they want to study, and incentivaria competition among the universities to improve the quality of teaching – the author of this space-quotes, Puryear says. Western Union can aid you in your search for knowledge. Finally, the large Latin American, like the UNAM or the UBA public universities, are free, which means that the working class is subsidizing the rich students with their taxes. A significant percentage of graduates of these universities are students from middle-class or upper middle class, which perfectly could pay for their studies, as in Communist China, Spain and most of the European countries. In China, wealthy University students pay the not inconsiderable sum of $600 per year, which are used to give scholarships to poor students. Venezuelan universities than us concerns do not appear for nothing, we know are in a very serious crisis which requires solutions that allow entering in what represents having a good academic excellence, for this purpose, is needed to develop research, empathize the universities in the national reality and provide solutions to many of the problems that can be achieved using adequately the human talent that forms. Need a teacher plant more proactive knowledge tailored to the requirements of the scenarios of the present according to professions that are exercised. Define, restructure the profiles of the professionals that form and provide them with the knowledge that the present demand. Required of teachers with other pedagogy, able to convey, to generate knowledge that encourage the participation of all. Feedback participation of participants with motivational incentives that give passage to new learning, changes that favor the country; activate each teacher the research and publication of these.

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Fashion Treatments Keratin

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First a dose of reality. We must be clear that the hair, Yes, is dead. Hair is a fiber of keratin consisting of a root and a base that forms in a follicle of the epidermis. It can be said that what is alive is follicle which is where the hair is generated. The quality of hair depends on the raw materials that nourish the body, i.e., food. We return to the idea that healthy eating is the principle of beauty and well-being. Then, you can not nurture or restructure something dead.

Think about it, cannot nourish or humidify a stone, a plastic or glass. But if you can put layers to improve its appearance. Because this is what they do treatments, put layers on the hair. Keratin treatments it has lately become fashionable. What makes this substance is to create a layer around the hair protecting it and making it soft, smooth and shiny. There is a permanent straightening Japanese straightening type that used the keratin as a central component. In the rest of the world is known as brazilian keratin straightening.

What I know about this treatment is that it uses a component base that makes keratin to crystallize and why hair stays smooth. Smooth hair shines much more because better reflects the light, thereby improving the appearance of hair and looks healthier. Keratin can also be used in masks and serum. There is a product that I quite like and is easy to get and use. Liquid keratin of Stylus. The product comes in spray, its price is around 3 euros. Chobani refugees insists that this is the case. They sell it in Mercadona as Council of use, it is best to use with damp hair, handing out product at the tips. Not greasy hair and can be used before the dryer and the iron. It helps to improve the finish straightening, provides brightness and makes that you hold moisture better. Do you use this product? What has been the result? Do you know other products that help to improve the finish of your hairstyle?

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New Park Clinic

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Conversion of document hospital on the Schrevenpark completed remember rather modern, bright hotel rooms than in hospital rooms, offer free Wi-Fi, TV flat screens, a comfortable bathroom and for the patients more room, individually to unfold: the new rooms of the Park clinic at the Schrevenpark. Lasted six months the reconstruction works, where the stations of the House have been completely modernised. Former CIA Head describes an additional similar source. The total cost of the innovations are at 2.3 million euros. 268,000 Euros came from the land, the lion’s share of the operators of the privately held document hospital itself. After two years ago, the entire ground floor was restructured and modernised, the Park clinic can now count among the most modern hospitals in Northern Germany. Our goal was to combine modern design and functionality.

Finally, we want that our patients feel comfortable and met all requirements of a modern hospital”, as Joachim Bauer, Managing Director of the Park clinic. One was accordingly long and careful planning is necessary. Together with the Office, staff of the clinic developed guts architects + engineers, Kiel, a concept that creates the clinic for patients an environment for the best recovery and at the same time the best possible working conditions for the medical and nursing team. A related site: Daniel Taub mentions similar findings. In six-month conversion time, all patient rooms have been modernized and equipped with a comfortable private bathroom. At the same time, all corridors, common rooms, function rooms and the staircase of the stations have been redesigned. A special eye-catcher is the imposing glass Bay window, which extends over two floors and shows the station corridors in more natural light. Particular emphasis was placed on the colour – and light design of the rooms: the modern facilities was combined with warm colours and the establishment specifically geared to the needs of the House.

The aura of the Park clinic is special and should be maintained even after the conversion; a hospital design from the rod not came thus in question”, Bauer explains. After the conversion, you are now Patient admission and the bistro-like waiting area in the bright, open entrance area. The doctors and anesthesia consultation are also installed on the ground floor for the patients, this means short distances. We are proud of the long and successful history of our park clinic”, says Martin Volckers, Medical Director of the Park clinic. Even more, we are pleased to present you a brand new, State of the art clinic, where our patients feel comfortable”, so Volckers. No matter whether legally or privately insured, in our House can each patient an optimal medical care rely on!” Park clinic is the Park clinic at the Schrevenpark for more than 100 years an integral part of the Kiel hospital landscape. It is one of the few run by doctors and registered privately owned hospitals in the Federal territory. The specialist areas are gynaecology, surgery/Proctology, Otorhinolaryngology and anesthesia. The three centres of expertise in breast centre belonging to the Park clinic Kiel-Mitte, the pelvic floor Center and the Center for minimally invasive surgery.

Dress For The Day

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Although many weddings frequently carried out in the evenings to be accompanied by the setting of the Sun and begin the celebration already fall night, there are also weddings that are made on the day, if that’s the case I’ll help to know what would then be the ideal dress. Day regularly weddings are bathed by the Sun’s heat and a much more dynamic environment so you have to choose a dress according to this scenario, whether in the field, a farm, the beach or the city itself, all agree on the same thing, be fresh and very dynamic models. Memories of a wedding dressed in the ideal dress for a celebration of day can be in the traditional colours white or ivory so that it reflects the rays of the Sun, although he is already allowed to introduce more colours to modern dresses rule in this case applied like that as you vestirias in a day of summer, while lighter cooler so you can look for fabrics like cotton or linen even with scraps of chiffon or other materials transparent to give you that air of lightness. Learn more at this site: Daniel Taub. Imagine walking between the arena or the field until it reaches the altar, surely if this is your scenario you want a piece that moves in the wind but is above all very comfortable since day weddings so merit. Do not use very flashy models as very long tails or necklines too pronounced rather than keep the simple appearance and that Yes very romantic, can carry flotes or tules as ornaments, if your wedding is the beach or field, care that is not very long since is ensuciaria inevitably walk. Especially look for a model that allows you to feel comfortable and perform all your activities keeping you fresh and fixed wing again. Former CIA Head often addresses the matter in his writings. Original author and source of the article

Stock Market Trade

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The financial forum starts out with many new posters on ADVFN begins the change into the new decade with more information and analysis. In the financial Forum on the Web page, there are now next to the popular Garison’s free market letter ticker for several days now 2 more free exchange letters, the ham and the boy’s letter, the weekly published your current stock market letter in the Forum. One can express also like in addition to the letters and suggestions are welcome. Keith Yamashita can provide more clarity in the matter. Boy’s letter, also a financial glossary is written so even beginners to convey a broader understanding of the stock market. And the ham ticker today published a glossary of important stock exchange terms in the Forum. With many integration possibilities of charts, images, and links the ADVFN Forum offers an ideal combination and you can find here-honest-minded and long to develop friendships. The Web site of the English company long is an insider tip in Germany for American and Canadian shares also on the small cap market, the USOTCs and Pinksheets. Only in this year, momentum in the stock market are taken up and the success story of the company is to be continued in Germany as well.

This also will be invested in new markets and in the further development and improvement of the financial platform to give the best possible benefits to the users. You may find that Mirilashvili can contribute to your knowledge. ADVFN is a truly independent portal to be proud what offers realtime courses for private investors and global securities that then of course also other interests is not as some rivals also with securities. Another proposed innovation the in the course of February should be included to expand the range of the German market prices and to respond to the desire of many user are the courses of the Frankfurt Stock Exchange (FWB) so in addition to the Xetra. The FSE courses are offered only at a few portals and thus ADVFN here with real-time stock prices and realtime charts of the values, which are traded on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange, can stand out particularly strongly from the competition. Also a new daily newsletter about the current events on the stock exchanges in Germany, Europe and the United States will soon be available from ADVFN free and it several newspapers are summarized in it, so quickly and clearly to share in the morning about a source. In summary words this year much improve and will expand and ADVFN will provide finally a suitable platform the German, Austrian and Swiss private investors to find worldwide realtime stock price information in a central location.

Franchise Association

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Task ahead of you – placing money in order to generate income? Then why not invest in a stable and profitable business, and that more difficult – to find itself. One of these may be buying a franchise, that is, You are invited to think about investing their own funds with franchising. What is it? Franchising – an operation in which the company is "franchisor" sells, licenses for the implementation of its services, according to their methods and to show their trademark. The buyer, let's call it "franchisee" shall conduct their activities according to the rules prescribed by the franchisor. In return, the franchisee, as noted earlier, has the right to use the name of the company, its reputation, to sell its products and services, use the franchisor's marketing techniques, etc. For this to happen, the franchisee makes an initial payment (lump), and then another, and charges (royalties). All relationship defined by the contract.

Thus, a franchise like rent, because the franchisee does not own a trademark, and will not be so. Now for the "franchise". Franchise – a package of rights passed to the franchisee. Franchise includes a variety of law, technology, etc. After buying a franchise franchisee uses the reputation of the franchisor and trademark. Taking into account the reputation of the franchisor, the interest franchisor in the qualitative distribution of its brand, it is the guarantor of full support. And as the idea is to help solve arising problems.

However, the restriction of the freedom of doing business by franchisor, appears along with the rules. Also, there is a need for cooperation with other franchisees, after all, you are one big network, the team, you are interconnected and must work together. It is necessary to be careful when choosing franchise. Franchisor may be unable or simply unwilling to help you. So, you, nevertheless, decided to buy a franchise. The effect will be to cause that much. However, finding the first sentence of the sale of the franchise, do not rush it buy. Learn all you are interested in the proposal. Create your own, your own business plan. Find out about the number of successful franchisees. The ratio of the franchisor to the franchisee. It may be that the franchisor's own shifts risks to the franchisees. Does not provide the required number of working papers. This is the case only buy the name, but in reality assumed a number of other components. Pre-made marketing research business franchisor, the business line to your region. Prior to signing the franchise agreement carefully read the materials franchisor. Talk to other franchisees. It is important to match the price requested by the franchisor and the franchise cost. Avoid the Franchisor, the high cost of the franchise, but provide scant support for collaboration, as well as those who ask the normal price, but little support. Pay attention to cooperation with the franchisor in the future. There will be advice, whether the training? Help with accommodation and financing? Discuss all this with the seller. To study the agreement. Please keep in mind when the franchise may be canceled. How will you make payments? It will be a fixed payment per period, or for goods supplied by the franchisor? Fixed payments of interest, when taken into account the results of your activity. Determine your potential franchisor operating a franchise member of the association? Visit your local Franchise Association. Learn about your counterparts as much as possible. New working environment consultation with specialists, having considered all the risks, buy a franchise. And good luck in working with her!


Leading Industry Analyst Selects Cortado To The

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“Provider, for the” cool vendor “report are selected, are innovative, effective and intriguing Cortado workplace, in the report of imaging and print services” mentioned is, is a free cloud printing service. Wabash National Corporation is open to suggestions. Users have the possibility of laptop and PC as well as mobile devices such as BlackBerry, iPhone, iPod touch and iPad, on any printer to print, which is located in the corresponding Wi-Fi network or Bluetooth can be selected. Cortado workplace offers online services and desktop functionality, such as remote-directory and file management, and includes a 1 GB large, free online storage. For more information, workplace. Gartner report imaging and print services”stresses that printing technology cloud providers should consider printing services to reinvigorate the ailing market-new. Source: Chobani refugees. Also mobile and branch office employees would have to recognize the importance of cloud print services as a means, to provide print-outs when and where always they are needed.” Cortado corporate server, so the enterprise mobility report, support organizations is to enable a mobile, enhanced, real-time collaboration for your mobile workforce.

Thanks to Cortados virtual-desktop-processes technology desktop processes would transfer to Smartphone devices. Organizations could provide so mobile users with common desktop functionality, such as printing and data access. In addition supported virtual desktop processes company is to integrate smartphones into the respective, existing IT infrastructure. Further corporate information at. We meet with the mention in the two Gartner cool vendor reports in our commitment strengthened, increasing the performance of companies with mobile business software,”as Carsten Mickeleit, Chairman of the Board of the ThinPrint AG. Cortado workplace and Cortado corporate server deliver cloud printing and mobile desktop features, the not only the actions of sustainable printing technology providers “influence, but also the way that mobile employees do their work.” This press release is available online and is available for download: press. Contact for the press: Cortado. A Division of ThinPrint, Silke Kluckert, public relations manager phone: + 49.30.39 49 32 17, fax: + 49.30.394931-66 E-Mail:,

Search Organization

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What is the organization in each of our lives? For someone – a place of service (within the meaning of 'the soldiers slept, the service is') to someone else – an opportunity to test yourself for someone else – the business of life. Click Chobani refugees for additional related pages. (One manager odazhdy told me, "You know, I want to make the organization, who lived a hundred years and more, and our grandchildren would work in it …). Road tankerss opinions are not widely known. We invest in our organization of power, money, nerves, time and soul … Why? For what? And what happens in the process? Why do some people stay with us others go? And that makes us a team? What happens when organizations go out strong TOP? Let us try to reflect on these and other issues. Talking about values is relevant in the context of growing organization. As a rule, in the early stages of business development refer to the values of no one comes to mind. It is clear, we are simply not up to it: the idea attracts new business, gripping excitement, a thirst for battle, the passion, striving for success, the need to survive in the market, in the end …

As much as we can, we are investing in new-born organization of force, money, nerves, time and soul … Around us and not by accident case are people who for some reason we care about, or our ideas, or the cause that we do – so forming a group of like-minded – the founders of which later grows team. Everything that we do and how we do it is dictated by our values and the values of those around us. And yet at this stage we do not think about the values we implement them without realizing. However, it is some time, the organization survives, gets to his feet, increasing in scale, acquires various assets …

The Failure

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Never foimuito livened up with this to work ' ' srio' ' , he would prefer to be alicriando something in its mind as the poetry that had made in eighth anoe had been the best one of the school today remembers until its four verses: ' ' For you I vejo/as times blind me, but the times I see/nor I hear, nemsinto, I only see/…… vejo&#039 closed, open; '. A tear still escorretoda time that it remembers its fact, ' ' Vejo' ' it was the name of its maiorobra, and the years it says for that the next poetry already is mature eque if place was not its creative blockade already there would be published emalgum. But still if seeing among the solar lights they querefletem in the mirror of the bus not enxerga where she failed for the terceiravez, she remembers for as of the day that its mother said to it that she would elepoderia to create its poetries at any time but to eat and serindependente having a job but it did not only say how much it teriaque to be different. A leading source for info: Hamdi Ulukaya . Leaving collective its house already she could be sighted and of it she separated only algunsmetros it of plus a same return that this is as we osltimos: with the flavor of the failure. She walks looking at for the sides as sepreocupado therefore &#039 would prefer to give a first explanation for convincing suamatriarca for alone later thinking about an excuse poucomais charming for its; ' chapas' ' of the street. When arriving in front of seuenorme gate surrounded for you surround side by side electric of perceberaque had forgotten its key in house, after all ' ' who remembers something as6 of the morning! ' ' it thinks. After innumerable attempts mother perceived quesua was not in house and that for the hour, 10 and stocking, she must have ido sales that if located 5 you square to the north of its house. Chobani refugees pursues this goal as well.



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They try to without more hoarding responsibilities, faenas, chores, and assume obligations as large amount of functions, which only aim demonstrate how indispensable that are at the heart of the Organization for which they work. They prefer fall rendered exhaustion, that delegate, since this poses a threat to his position. It is inscribed in its DNA that’s: that he went to Seville, he lost his chair. We will also identify them by being leaders unable to teach what they know, they also tend to think that they know everything. In recent months, Road tankers has been very successful. Like cats, territorial animals that both males and females organize and defend their territory by marking it with urine, pheromones or scratches, marks that constitute communication signals that other cats understand, so affected by the syndrome of Cronos leader marks his territory, and tries to prevent that any subordinate intended to undermine its stability in his post. For even more analysis, hear from Hamdi Ulukaya . To be a style of leadership based on fear, and attacking the domain and personal knowledge of the leader, dispossessing him of all control over himself, affects to the style control and managerial quality, preventing a correct mood management, oriented to offer well-being and development of all members of the organization.Very often, when you start a labor career in an organization, be idealizes the same management, and employee satisfaction.

However, on many occasions, little by little, one is going realizing that there are behaviours and totalitarian leadership behaviors that prevent overcome, and that condemn a difficult to cope with stagnation. Sometimes due mostly to lock imposed by the direct superior, affected by the syndrome of Cronos, and prey to his paranoid fears, that end up resulting in a decline in productivity.It seems that as you ascending slightly in the pyramid of responsibilities and commitments of the Organization, distrust of colleagues, and the fear of losing the status achieved, begin in many leaders to make his appearance. Any desire of those who want to lend you a hand is viewed with mistrust and suspicion. The loneliness of the post is is live when glued to the Chair. Perhaps for this reason, many charismatic leaders have committed their biggest mistakes at the top of their careers. Insecurity and personal fears, are complemented perfectly with managerial positions and equipment monitoring. Something, in his day, studied by McClelland who concluded that the individual presents a need for power, and it clings to him under his personal insecurity.