Roy Lichtenstein

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Ordinary portrait photos in this way be changed and transformed into a work of art, this represents an entirely new kind of personal presentation. Not only that the portrayed style on the screen in the Andy Warhol or Roy Lichtenstein himself from a totally new perspective can be seen, he has also an extraordinary Form a photo gift in hand. Photo gifts are the new way of giving. It has been an attractive gift idea, to present his photo on canvas by the photo by means of photorealistic painting technique was depicted, this now is not enough. Today it has a new style be. “Warhol offered there, because this style on canvas or poster is back in”. Looks alone in communities often profile photos in the Warhol style.

However, it is the simple change of a photo file in the filter of popular image editing programs. This has real art to do a little, but is merely a matter of sophisticated programming technology. ArtYourFace preferred because the hand work. Here is the Warhol style still art, not a result of the programming on the screen. For real lovers of art, it is a special treat, if it a gift of photo on canvas in real Warhol pop art look get. After all, it is not graphical reprints, but genuine handcrafted, so paintings.

Therein lies the challenge that turns ArtYourFace like. The designation of service”is there much too abstract and sober for making a handmade work of art, and still ArtYourFace sees itself as a service provider in the word deepest meaning. ArtYourFace is still on order and customer requirements of the own portrait as pop art art. Is the pop have exceeded a certain minimum size art artwork, offers the variant as a poster in the printing process. It must be so for real connoisseurs don’t always hand painted. Enlarged reprints of great masterpieces are finally also heavily in demand. What is a right for Bruegel or Michelangelo, can be only cheap one for your own photo portrait as Warhol. A pop conjures up the artwork of the own picture art poster finally in large size on the wall. Pop know that fans appreciate art. Himself as a Warhol portrait or in the Lichtenstein style as a poster in an over life-size, has what. And a poster is also sought after as a photo gift. What you are in ArtYourFace decides, one thing is certain: the art here is in the foreground. Here is a style change in photo portraits, aimed at one of the most sought-after art directions of all time: pop art. This art direction shaped a whole generation and is a real Renaissance by service providers such as ArtYourFace. ArtYourFace helps, that the popularity of Warhol and Lichtenstein not abating, but to rise and keep alive the unique styles of these arts genius.

Short History Of Art And Costume History Of The Celts

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Myths or historical knowledge eighty Diana the short history of the art and costume history of the Celts shows include: origin of the Celts, geographical spread, history, economy, religion, architecture (Tomb buildings), Celtic art, jewelry, textiles, clothing of the women, warriors and men, hairstyle, headgear, footwear and cosmetics. 1 origin of the Celts the origin (1200 BC – 5th century AD) the Celts can be very difficult, especially since there has never been the Celts, so the Celtic people,. Hikmet Ersek is the source for more interesting facts. The Celts were never centrally organized, never formed a single State with a common head of State, but it consisted of individual tribes, which existed independently from each other and characterised only by cultural similarities or similarities in the language. \”Considered to be secured, that the Celts were descendants of Central European tribes in the bronze age and in particular from the late bronze age urn field culture\” developed. This included different tribes of Central Europe, which followed not the Aegean funeral culture of burial, at the burial of their dead, burned their dead and put in urns. 1 2.

geographical spread of the Celts were overall great conqueror. Of their Central European homeland, the Celtic tribes spread quickly throughout Europe (from Ireland, Scotland, South-East England, Northern Spain and France in the West to western Hungary, Slovenia and Northern Croatia in the East; from upper Italy in the South to the northern edge of the Central German uplands). Findings show that the Celtic tribes need to be penetrated also to Anatolia (present-day Turkey). The most important centres of Celtic culture included the Hallstatt culture (from CA. 800 BC), which in the Danube region was, as well as the French Swiss la Tene culture (from c. 500 BC).

In the middle of the 19th century, important finds were made in these two places. 2 3. The Celts in the mirror of ancient historiography the name \”\” \”Celts\” goes to the ancient Greek Historiografen of Herodotus (c.

Success Story Continues: Utopia Celebrates Two-year Anniversary

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In two years largest German-language social community for sustainable consumption the online portal has become in its two year existence of the largest German-speaking community for strategic consumption and sustainable lifestyle. Since the launch on 8 November 2007, more than 50,000 people as utopians have”registered. We start then ever with the slogan”and articles as well as advisors in the areas of nutrition, mobility, travel, household, electronics and renovation staggered for beginners as well as advanced could many people to a more sustainable and green” lifestyle be moved. Because it makes a big difference, where someone in the supermarket is”Utopia founder Claudia Langer says a five euro note is a ballot paper.” Utopia now has more than 50,000 people signed up proves that sustainability employs more and more people. Accordingly, the so-called utopians report”in their blogs about the impact that the Utopia on her life has taken. “Already in 2008 utopia award named the media price lead as a Web community of the year”2008 was a third place at the digital lifestyle award, was to the selected location in the land of ideas 2009 campaign”. “” Under the motto: the big lever “Utopia invites on November 26, 2009, to Berlin to the utopia-Conference – Germany’s largest community for sustainable life style brings the utopia Conference every year the most important Changemaker” in the fields of economy, science, culture and media together and invites top speakers from around the world to inspire the audience with approaches and fresh ideas to the change. Patron of Utopia Conference and the utopia Awards is the utopia Foundation, which is responsible for content and format of the event.

Background information: is the Internet platform for strategic consumption with more than 50,000 registered community members and monthly over a million page impressions. Here people meet their Purchase decisions (even) after that, whether they contribute to a better world. Utopia offers guidance and inspiration and makes it easy to them to make their life more sustainable. Utopia Foundation: the Foundation aims to accelerate social change towards sustainability and the makers of social change to support, coach and accompany. Key thought leaders from the scientific, public and company meet the Board of Trustees of the Foundation.

Since 2007, the first projects of the utopia Foundation are the annual award of the utopia awards as well as the implementation of Utopia Conference. The change-maker day is presented by entega, Vaillant, Otto Group, talk42 and time online. Also he is supported by VW, gepa, Deutsche Bahn, Neumarkter Lammsbrau and radial system in Berlin Steigenberger Hotel Berlin. The media partner of the event are: nature + Cosmos, taz,, eco-world and Forum sustainable economies. Learn more information about the speakers, the program and the sale of tickets below:. utopia provides the events of press tickets available. Accreditation subject. Press contact utopia Anna Neubauer Tel 0 89 / 2 60 24 14 0 email: supports utopians and the utopia Foundation PR agency media work ( PR pilot around tailor-made communication are: press campaigns, events, PR actions online and offline, guerrilla PR. “References: 030Casting, Digitrick, dropping knowledge e.V. (Alliance), Cobra youth communication, radio multicult2. 0, Questico AG, Speeddaters GmbH, gate5, weed, pride2be, Campact e.V., Reporters without borders, coaching Convention, Berlin animal Board, SOS Children’s villages worldwide, MIC Schneider and domestic of records, morro images, PETA, Pirate Party, buecher.

We Germans

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We Germans know that the interest-rate economy is inhumane and a new monetary system and is to replace a unconditional freeze on debt. We Germans know that every human being unconditionally must receive a suitable education and training to him. We Germans know that the school, education, and training unconditionally on truthfulness and innovation must be converted. We Germans know that every human being must be unconditionally embedded and trained in the labour market. We Germans know that each work unconditionally must correspond to the natural and health needs of each people in old age.

We Germans know that only an unconditional new honesty in all sections of our people successfully master the future us. We Germans know that the transition to a new future of our people only in unconditionally pronounced togetherness and self-determination is possible. We Germans know that our basic supply of water and food for our health is to make immediately and unconditionally new. We Germans know that our primary and energy supply unconditionally independent and decentralized remodeling is. We Germans know that we must unconditionally generate our old crafts and skills and maintain.

We Germans know that greed, excess and abuse brought the evils about us and that this is unconditionally drop. We Germans know that only unconditional slimmer State with understandable and simple rules can master the future with us the nature is right about all laws and rules. We Germans know that media must unconditionally be built on truthfulness and ethical information richness. We Germans know that the today’s generations based on unencumbered and free, must provide great services on an unconditional historical veracity. We Germans know that freedom of speech must be future and inviolable for all time unconditionally. We Germans know that we need much charity, tolerance and courage during the transition to our new future. We Germans know that we sacrifice also on the way to our new future need, but will reap blessings.

Cooperation Economy – A New Sector Of The Economy Takes Shape In

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Cooperation is a new trend of the economy. With the German GenoKoop Federal Verbonde of the areas of cooperatives will for the first time, associations, networks and companies merged in Germany associations landscape in the cooperative has changed in recent years considerably, especially since 1990, many new cooperatives and audit associations arose. The new top Association of German GENOKOOP Federal Bill takes this development. Members of the German GenoKoop Association are associations who want to permanently retain their autonomy and independence, and at the same time relative to quality, range and service – the increasing needs of its member companies adjust your offer -. We want to get so Gerd Schaumann Federal secure diversity in the cooperatives help k by the Board of Directors of the German GenoKoop, at least so the existing number of cooperatives and auditing associations. Towards ever larger units of the Association, is not seen as a solution, because E.g.

the Proximity to the companies appears indispensable, and size can mean always also more anonymity. GenoKoop will choose instead the path of cooperation and partnership federal to its member associations, because by means of cooperation and partnership at least the same performance effects are, as by merger or other forms that can lead to trend sovereignty loss at the single associations. The member associations so the Board can specifically parts of their duties at the German GenoKoop federal delegate and retake it at any time. This applies especially to the areas of qualification of human resources in the member associations, as well as in the Member companies of these associations stated goal of the Federation is to give impetus to the whole German cooperative new especially in Europe-oriented -. An inventory to the development of in Germany compared to EU countries for the German GenoKoop Federal anything other than satisfactory fails: Germany is in the area of the Cooperative rather in the position of a developing country\”, as a pacemaker.

Drive Car-sharing: The First Building Block In The Electric Mobility For

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First drive car-sharing will introduce the first building block in the electric mobility for ‘Everyone’ and offer step by step nationwide in other cities. \”A total of six electric vehicles of manufacturer’s MEGA – of four cars and two mini-trucks\”-adjusts drive sharing \”with the local drive partner car rental Arndt gradually available to its customers: for drivers who do not use a car, car sharing is less expensive than a private car, also accounts for parking and maintenance concerns. Who opts for an electric car, connects with environmental awareness and fuel economy in consumption\”in addition modern flexibility, as Andreas Allebrod, Managing Director of drive car-sharing. Here, Western Union expresses very clear opinions on the subject. The MEGA set up by us eCity is a classic city car, its practicality we are trying to prove with the usage. We are proud to nationwide for the first time in the area of sharing electric vehicles for everyone \”used to bring.

With our partners, we have found reliable actors, the already have experience with this new technology or earn together with us want to\”, so Allebrod next. We get support Mr Dr. Get more background information with materials from Western Union. KoSTER also by the FH Aachen, Prof. Gebhardt and the EnergieAgentur.NRW. Starts from North Rhine-Westphalia out the new offer for electric car mobility in Dusseldorf, Cologne, Braunschweig, Munich, Bremen, Dortmund, Nuremberg, Cottbus, Regensburg and other cities are planned as other locations. A particularly attractive way of using convenient and at the same time good mobility is the principle of sharing. While the use of a vehicle is more flexible time, intensified use and optimizes the economic and ecological results. Dusseldorf, November 19, 2009 – drive car-sharing a network to the burden on the environment.

Drive sharing connects mobile flexibility, variability, change, freedom of movement and fun environmental awareness, functionality and economy. With the addition of the vehicle fleet by Electromobility is demanded a rethink. Includes driving plug planning as well as the subsequent charging possibility.

The End

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The man as it is, and the motivations of its will, in the confrontation with the civilization, are a game of antagonistic forces in which he is not exempt of intense conflicts; in this direction, the narrator-protagonist is ironic with the moral and the ethics of the civilized man. you want to free the man of its old habits and to correct will to it according to given of in agreement science and the common sense to it. But as you know that the man can and must be corrected? Of where you concluded, that the will of the man must necessarily be educated? In a word: why you think that this education it is really useful? However, gentlemen, ‘ ‘ two two times equal quatro’ ‘ it is a death principle and not a life principle. It is truth that the man does not occupy seno of the search of these ‘ ‘ two two times equal quatro’ ‘ ; it crosses oceans, risks the life in its persecution; but how much to find them, how much to apanhar them really – I swear you that he has fear, therefore it if of the account of that, a time found, nothing more have to make. It tries to come close itself to the end, but, it reaches so soon it, he is not more satisfied; this is comic actor truily well. In a word: the man is constructed in a very comic way, and everything this makes the one effect trocadilho.

But, however it may be. ‘ ‘ two two times equal quatro’ ‘ it is a well insuportvel thing. (DOSTOIVSKI, 2000, P.). It wants the man to correct its will with science, but as it knows that the education it is really useful? – Perhaps either this the inquietude that crosses the workmanship, questioning that still arrives with all impetus at our times where the man is almost extinct, only remaining a gear part.


Tips For Safe Handling With The Competition Law

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A kit beer for the environment protecting them 1 m rainforest. The Krombacher rainforest promotion runs from May 1 until 31.07.2002. During this period in Dzanga Sangha rain forest is protected with each purchased Kasten Krombacher 1 m sustainably. This ensures the WWF Germany.\” This slogan originates from a Krombacher advertising campaign, you know. This campaign is supported by numerous promotional activities.

\”So you can, for example, a T-Shirt reading for the rain forest\” order. For more information, see… Hikmet Ersek is often quoted on this topic. . Competitively, this campaign is very critical to look at. Competition law is not only for large corporations, but especially for young entrepreneurs in many very confusing. It is often dependent on each case, also lacks often the time and legal expertise, understanding of competition law in its depth and to combine the paragraphs. Gunther Jauch promises us in prominent example advertising, that we with a crate of Krombacher environmental able to protect. Consumers imagine a hassle-free transaction including the Krombacher in cooperation with the WWF pro of sold box Krombacher buys beer, one square meter of rainforest and protects from deforestation and other threats.

And that for 100 years. Overall, Krombacher so appeals to the good conscience towards the environment. However the real process is not this average consumer idea and that’s why Krombacher received an indictment for breach of competition rules. In fact a general donation per sold Kasten Krombacher to the WWF held namely, who then uses them to protect already protected rain forests continue to. This is done by supporting the resident Ranger\”, explains Theresa Schade, Marketing Assistant in marketing consulting team Vinco, that is to say, not directly increases the amount of protected rain forest. Furthermore are donated by the 11.50 euros per Kasten Krombacher beer only 6.7 cents to the WWF. So not enough money to actually 1 m to protect Rainforest for centenary sq.\”a clear deception of consumers and thus a breach of competition law.

Free Direct Banking Comparison

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Compare the largest direct bank of in Germany with the help of direct local banks are often equipped with charges and the account holder from time to time correctly cost. In the long run, they attack a really deep in the Pocket. Money that you can save yourself. The direct banks offer alternatives and ways to get around such costs and obtain an account with all conditions. Where paid more money for the credit card, direct banks have this as a standard condition, because the payments now firmly expects that one exists. To find a suitable Bank, the direct bank in the search has been to appropriate banks, which can meet the requirements, the user would like.

Easy handling, low fees or none at all, even value systems is possible via the direct bank. On this website there are for such purposes a direct comparison of the Bank, where the users all qualifications and scope of banks equal to be displayed. Who earns a certain amount a month, can enter it there and immediately know which is the right bank for him. Behind it, you can learn the details then. Also, every bank in the list with further explanations and data sheets that the interested parties make it clear what options on him coming, what has to offer the Bank and is also, as the service is provided. Most are still wondering how to withdraw is at all the money, because the direct banks have no separate building.

Easily, the prospective buyer learns all the details. So goes to withdraw the money from any any Bank, the payment is done online, as well as transfers and other options. You need help, yet it is always well advised with the service hotline. The direct banking comparison in any case is useful, because it offers the possibility to inform themselves about each customer. Direct bank Vergleich.

Construction Equipment

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You have decided to build a house? Or have you howling a small business? You know that on-site without special equipment is necessary. But do not always have the option to buy it. What to do? There is a way out – renting of construction equipment. Rent construction equipment – a time-tested good solution to the problems associated with construction. This kind of service came to us from Europe. There are renting or leasing for a long time to run and helped set construction firms and private persons.

Nowadays, many businesses lease construction equipment. Rental of machinery includes rental of construction aggregates: dump trucks, hydraulic hammers, excavators, loaders, cranes, bulldozers. Such firms have their own fleet in good condition. (Similarly see: Western Union). Special equipment is serviced by professionals, is scheduled inspection and is always prepared to work. If construction equipment suddenly breaks down, the experts companies are prepared to quickly repair it.

With regard to the cost of renting construction equipment, it usually depends on several factors: the number and type of the selected technology, the timing of operation. Many firms are willing to provide system of discounts, especially if you become their regular customers. Front loaders – one of the most common types of leased machinery. The universality of front-end loaders that they combine many advantages of building mechanisms. Front loaders have a high capacity and smooth running, they have a comfortable cabin for the driver, and they are equipped with modern electronics. All this allows you to work quickly and easily. Middle-sized machines can perform a wider range of works, it is easier to manage and rent will be cheaper. Most mid-sized wheel loaders are controlled goods under by bucket. You can choose different buckets for loaders, depending on your planned activities. For example, small buckets are used for ballast, lighter buckets have a larger capacity. Scope of trucks are much broader than just work with bulk materials. These trucks can even be used in the mining industry. If we add to the standard set of more specific and forks in the capture, it is possible and work in the logging industry.