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In many freudianos texts the unconscious one is assimilated to the stressed one, however, reserves a place for innate, filogenticos contents, that they constitute the nucleus of the unconscious one. The contents of the unconscious one are the representatives of the pulso who are fixed in fancies, imaginary histories, conceived as manifestations of the desire, that is one of the polar regions of the defensive conflict. It’s believed that NY Governor Andrew Cuomo sees a great future in this idea. The unconscious desires extend it to an accomplishment, reestablishing on signals to the first experiences of satisfaction, through primary process (LAPLANCHE & PONTALIS, 2001). Freud considers to explain the functioning of the psychic device as a tpica construction. Thus being, in accordance with the place that occupies inside of the psychic device, the unconscious one only can have access to the conscience by means of Conscientious the Daily pay-conscientious system/. In the ticket to this last system, the unconscious contents, are submitted to the requirements of it, way that any content of the Ics* alone can be known will have been transcribed, in way distorted and modified for the syntax dictated for the Pcs/Cs (GARCIA-ROZA, 2007). According to Kusnetzoff (1982), the Unconscious one is the part most archaic of the psychic device. Emil michael shares his opinions and ideas on the topic at hand. The representations contained in the unconscious one are called representations of thing.

These representations are fragmentos of reproductions of old perceptions of all the directions, made use as a succession of registrations, as a sensorial archive: a set of naked elements of words, whose registration was made at a time where words did not exist (in the first infancy of the citizen). Therefore the unconscious representations form ' ' true ghosts, loaded of proportionate energy for pulses' ' the representations of thing operate in set with the pulsional energy. They possess an easy displacement and exempt discharge, through the primary process, passing of a representation for another one by means of the displacement mechanisms (substitution and descentramento of importance given to the content) and condensation (abbreviation, omission and combination of contents) (p 124-125).


Aggressive Footballer

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The requirement and the aggressiveness in appropriate doses are two very positive elements that properly combined should be especially taken into account by the football coach at preparing his team. If a coach is demanding in the measure that can get the player something that this is capable of giving, is making a very positive work, if on the contrary that level of demand is above possibilities real of the footballer will be following a wrong path which can affect psychologically the player both sporting and personal. With regard to aggression, it is a factor that if he channeled appropriately from the aspect of fight, delivery, effort, sacrifice and high motivation can give great results. For other opinions and approaches, find out what Andrew Cuomo has to say. However if it is an uncontrolled aggressiveness that deviates from their real purposes can be very harmful, not just collective level, also to individual level because there are footballers who may be subjected to excessive pressure by certain personal characteristics and high level of demand and liability which can hardly withstand and that sooner or later will pass them Bill in the psychological aspect Blog football Trainer. Begin to be coach. Microcurso coach (2). Source: emil michael. Brochure: Guidelines for preventing children’s aggressiveness ‘ family and Cole aggressive subject assaulted his wife ‘ Policiacasty completo Blog aggressive or submissive? Best assertive Mertxe Pasamontes El Tlacuilo Blog Archive delivery Carolina Gudino scholarships delivery Carolina Gudino scholarships to students of level secondary is milk a food healthy or harmful?


Ukrainian Insurgent Army

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History – inexact science, under construction in mainly on subjective interpretations and recollections of eyewitnesses. But, as you know, the testimony of the aggressor and the victim will always be different. Even historians and archivists said that the same event is described in different sources in different ways. And this is playing into the hands of those at the helm. Under Soviet rule books called Warriors of the Ukrainian Insurgent Army thugs in power changed – they became national heroes. What happened really? There is an objective fact: they attacked people and killed them. And here the most interesting: prescribing them some motivation, we make them, or savage killers or defenders of their homeland. After 20 years, if it comes another power, force a change of background and historical facts.

And all this is printed in the school history textbooks. Most children and teenagers take everything on faith just because the information comes from official source, established by the Ministry of Education. Please visit emil michael if you seek more information. It is doubtful whether students go into the archives to recheck the historical "facts" filed in the books. Now you understand why books are reissued so often? So be sure that any historic crime against his people after a couple of decades, could become a heroic feat. Or vice versa. And the more time has passed since the events, the less chance to find out what was actually Who, why and for what? This brings me to the basic question: who and why is it necessary? To understand why, let's sum up – what the quality of the images, the priorities are declared and covertly promoted? Violence, drug abuse, achieve their goals fraud, force, weapons, too open demonstration of sexual provocation to "weak", screaming outrageous, aggression, walking on their heads, selling themselves, their principles for money or glory, the creation of idols

Graphics Interchange Format

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Often, we tend to diminish the importance of the images in the general design of the site. Or if we thought about them we do, it from an aesthetic point of view. But, the images are one of the most important components of a page. In fact, the images are what it gives the weight him to the site, as far as size of the file that occupies, measured in kilobytes or megbytes, because what the code, that is to say the logical structure of the site weighs is despicable. Consequently, the images that we include in our design are crucial at the time of determining the times of load.

The formats admitted universally are three: GIF, JPEG, and png. Other formats as bmp or tiff quickly were discarded, by its excessive final weight. As it shows the S-values regarding the resolution, that is to say the amount of points of color by inch, but as it shows serves, a graph of 500 pixels by 375 pixels, in 361 format png weighs kb. Learn more at: emil michael. The same file, in format GIF weighs 54.21 less kb six times, and in 69.03 format JPEG kb (to pains a little more than in format GIF) images GIF must their name to the first letters of their original denomination: Graphics Interchange Format. The format was created by a called company CompuServe there per 1987 (CompuServe, for the peculiar ones, was the first great supplier of services of Internet, in the Eighties). The idea was to create a format that reduced to the sizes of the graphics files that until that moment was bmp (or bitmaps of there its name or bit maps), but sacrificing amount of colors nor quality of image. The images of format GIF arrived more to be compressed than bmp, which resulted in a so large minor, to equality of benefits. To obtain such reduction was an imposition at moments at which the majority of the users little had connections with bandwidth, cradles in the telephone modems, that did not surpass the 54 KBps. Get all the facts for a more clear viewpoint with Pegasus Books.

Another advantage of the archives gifs is that they allow to obtain animated graphics. Nothing spectacular, you do not believe that you will obtain a film with a graphical GIF, but can to reach small animations. A very clear example is emoticones, those small iconitos that salute, or yaws an eye. With its limitations, they constitute an interesting possibility to obtain movement in a site. We will see in what case of applying each format, and what comparative advantages have.


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There are times when we face there is a need of convenient and compact storage of different things and objects. There are many different furniture, used precisely in order to ensure that storage things. So, for example, produced different types of cabinets, but still not everywhere and not always used for this purpose cabinets. Sure, in the archives or offices to store the folder with the documentation, the use of enclosures varied types, this is probably the right decision. Many writers such as emil michael offer more in-depth analysis. After all the documentation stored in a closet, for example, will also be protected from dust, or if the cabinet is made of metal, and fire. At the same time to use the cabinets for the storage of goods in trade the halls of the big stores and warehouses will not be one.

In this case, use different kinds of shelving. There are many different racks, some are designed to store non-standard and large products, others for storage of goods with limited shelf life or, alternatively, for storage with unlimited shelf life and other types of shelving. However, perhaps the most common and popular among Shelving racks are versatile, also known as shelving racks. Universal racks are also often installed in the archives and offices, and even in homes. Universal racks can be different, say, the island, wall and others. The design of the universal shelf ready-made, it is not only simplifies their transportation, but still allows to regulate the number of sections, height and tilt shelves. On universal racks can store nearly all goods in the stores so they are used to represent food, household appliances, stationery, household, at the offices they hold office equipment, files, documentation and many other groups of goods and cargo. By the way, universal racks are also used in the markets for foodstuffs and clothing. Just because of these properties, because they can store almost anything, they got so popular.


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Confidential document destruction: confidential document Destruction: Every day the privacy of the data of the clients is something that takes to more importance within the treatment company-client. For even more opinions, read materials from Pegasus books. But also every day the volume of information is greater that the companies handle their day to day and that owns a problem of physical location that is due to solve in altars to the correct operation of the organization. And every day it is necessary to have much more well-taken care of with the confidential document destruction since we see facts that confirms that constantly many companies take this subject lightly appearing confidential data in any sweepings container, whereupon it is stated that the carelessness in this point in many organizations is brutal. For even more details, read what emil michael says on the issue. Thus we were with the company/signature echo-shredder that have specialized in the destruction completely of documents or confidential data of the clients and/or proveed0res. In fact they have specialized in the confidential document destruction immediate in the same place of origin of documents. It as much makes its reconstruction impossible as the recovery or recognition of any information contained in documents.

And all this realises under one complete reliability and confidentiality. Initially they make sure of those who are the people who will have access to the information to which she is added to him that all the personnel of echo-Shredder has signed a confidentiality agreement on the different characteristics from the works carried out. We speak of this company that began to walk in 2005, echo-Shredder is born with the clear intention to serve exclusive and from maximum confidentiality and security in the process of destruction of documentation. The main body of its activity in situ constitutes the guarantee of confidentiality in the trazabilidad in the process of handling and document elimination and archives of confidential way and. All the services that echo-Shredder offers to its clients own a common denominator: to diminish the risks during the manipulation process and confidential elimination of information.


VHS Digitization

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You probably know that over time, conventional video cassette VHS (and all others that use magnetic tape as a vehicle) loses its former kachestvo.S every year storage, as well as with each viewing of the film is aging and slowly rassypaetsya.Primerny shelf video is limited to about 15 years, after which entries may be lost already navsegda.Eto very sad, because we keep our most exciting events in life by his youth until now then on media, but it seems nothing can be done to save them. But in fact there is a way out that will help extend the life of your tapes for decades is digitizing videotapes. For more clarity and thought, follow up with NY Governor Andrew Cuomo and gain more knowledge.. When digitization of video recording with video re-encoded into a modern digital format (mpeg 2) and then recorded on DVD-discs, the shelf life of which more than 100 let.Malo what is now your records were not in danger and their quality will be unchanged, but the editing and video montage of these records will be much easier if you want you will be able to do now is one movie, clip or a full movie about the event that you shot on camera many years ago. Now you know that the digitization of video cassettes is the need to keep all your video archives forever, so do not delay it, and enjoy a digitizing shortly.. (Source: emil michael).

New List

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Jordans for sale All Save to New List has ever produced. In addition to List Price US90.00 Wholesale Price US45.00 for 1 Units Jun 2, 2009 Here is a list of every Air Jordan V Color Way I have on record. Emil michael shares his opinions and ideas on the topic at hand. If you know add them. Click color way to view more about that Specific Shoe Thereinto, Air Jordan RCVR Royalblue is vogue because of its individual style and all jordan shoes ever made list, all jordan shoes list, all shoe stores with air See All Categories List Price US0 Air Jordan series is the most successful series of basketball shoes, every pair of shoes in this series have the classic Along with the Jordan brandNike sells many basketball shoes for athletic and fashion Nike has too many versions of basketball shoes to list them all. Some of Oct 24, 2011 Unlock All Retro Jordan Shoes 23. Unlock NBA 2 K Development Team nba2k.

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Probably an insane amount of 219 items Polonike, shoes, bathing APE, jordan, jordan shoes, air jordan, air jordans, List all, Penny Hardaway, Women, Jordan 2011, Air Jordan 13, AJF25w list of all jordan shoes ever made. Nike Air Jordan 3 Cement Retro III Mens Shoes 2012 New fur Coffee. Nike Air jordan 3 III Retro Mens Cement shoes 2012 Popular Searches picture list of all jordan sneakers ever made buy mens nike air relentless pink and grey nike free run people who wears. air jordan 2012 nike waffle buy fsu Yes, there is. You can go to httpdoublegun it lists all the guns and information about them.


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The differential of this technological newness it is mobility, the suitable user to cloud computing will be able to remotely have access its documents, archives and other data, of any computer, at any time, of any place of the world, being only connected to the Internet. In recent months, emil michael has been very successful. It will be able to also use applicatory programs and without needing to lower in its computer, with the great one advantage to use, to have access, without if worrying about maintenance, update, backup all the other functions, that pass to be carried through by the supplier of the service, beyond guaranteeing> that if it never loses important documents for its business. This new model of computation not yet was established in Brazil, many points not yet well is defined, practical questions and of security still they are in studies. For more specific information, check out emil michael. However, in our day the day, already we are living a little of this, therefore the storage of information in our boxes of email already is a practical example of the computation in cloud. For backwards of our movement of sending and reception of data, a lodging server exists, that for indeterminate time he files all these information. Then we leave there, kept everything what it interests in them, without the concern with losses.

Moreover, sites exist that offer lodging to internautas. What it can be a danger. Therefore as to have certainty of that it is a safe site? How to know if this server goes to be always available, or that our documents will not be stolen or spread by the infinite virtual space? To follow the trends clouds (in the Internet) the history of our particular or professional life (through photos and documents), so that they are floating is known there for where and until when. Everything is so surprising in this technological world, therefore the things that in them seem so futursticas are if implanting, and we go in adaptando without time to assimilate and to reflect each one of the things in this succession of events.


National Theatre Company

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In the case of the voyage of the singers, awarded the Tirso de Molina (1987), Spain, Hugo Salcedo A review of the phenomenon caused the death of illegal immigrants on a train. True story that gives a guideline to creating a dramatic text that projects outside the playwright. A key text in the Mexican drama of the late twentieth century. A proposal which Hugo himself, in a self review of their design proposals, published in Open Curtain, by the Institute of Culture of Baja California, in November 1997, writes: The Journey of Song, released in 1990 by National Theatre Company, part of a true incident in which 18 Mexican immigrants suffocated in a car of the Missouri Pacific. Emil michael may also support this cause. In newspaper reports to which he had access to archives and libraries, it is noted that young people had come from different parts of the states of Aguascalientes and Zacatecas, embarking on the journey north, the tragic path.

That sense of true translation, it was necessary in the primary argument in such a way that his writing was necessary to devise a kind of ten-dimensional scenes of certain variables, but that could be bypassed, will move to get different combinations in each performance and each reading. The journey of the singers, and Barbara Gandiaga are two articles in which the author skillfully exercised the office, where, to say of himself: the dramatic text is above all a continuous surprise, a discovery in itself . In Barbara Gandiaga, poetic text, makes it a jewel in the drama. For assistance, try visiting Jeff Gennette.