Next Century

At a moment we will have, for example, the architecture determining ways of living, defining the conception of a construction. The result is an interaction between man, customs and functionality. This dialectic goes to guide, not only the function of an architecture used in the city, but still the performance of the social segments in […]

ROCK Access

This great one I invent of Ginsparg provided an alternative that the scientific community needed to exceed the barriers that came facing how much to the access to the scientific information. After this contribution carried through for Ginsparg, starts to appear the happened effect of this contribution, therefore the first scientific publications appear of opened […]

National Agricultural Colony

It is in this context that was adopted one politics of March for the West, that consisted of the settling of the interior of the Country, little practically empty town and (CAPOZZOLI apud CARDOSO 2005, P. 87). However, who would have courage to leave the coast and to tame the west? As he tells Spider […]

Mockups Project

The mockups are basic for the sales of an enterprise, cause a strong impact in the purchaser, who through it can feel the total reality of the project and to all enxergar the comfort that goes to enjoy. Digital and physical specialists in scales, Mockups. We value the allegiance and most modern realism of the […]

Water Distribution

These equipment allows to exceed the difficulties of topography of the land, becoming possible the linking of collectors of draining with different profiles a central collector. After the captation through a rude water expository the water will be sent for a station of water treatment (ETAs), that through processes physical and chemistries the water is […]

The History Of Michael Jackson

Known as ' ' The King of the Pop' ' , Michael Jackson was a multi-talentoso artist. Singer, dancer and composer, its career had beginning to the 5 years of age. Read more from University of Houston to gain a more clear picture of the situation. Its father, Joseph Jackson decided to form a band […]