Hydro Build Electronic Archives

Association hydraulic engineer "hydro" has acquired an electronic archive of STOR-M (Alley Archives) in September 2009. The system was installed and configured by the customer on their own – the company's employees have already started to fill it documentation on completed and ongoing projects of hydraulic structures. The acquisition of an electronic archive of STOR-M […]

Free Information

In this context, the first electronic publications appear, what if it believed to be a great advance for the scientific community, but this was not materialize total, in view of the increase of the price of the signatures of periodic the scientific electronic, occurring the call ' ' crisis of peridicos' '. From this crisis, […]

Reserves Committee

Assessment of groundwater resources – a requirement to license the right to groundwater extraction. However, most of subsoil users and owners of wells have only a vague idea of what the estimate reserves, who may carry out these works and who their checks, what is the duration of work, composition, technique and overall cost. The […]

Custom Web Design

Designing a website is not at all an easy task. Required much creativity and effort on the part of the designer so that it can become a design, that is exceptional. Web sites are a different medium, compared with brochures, flyers, business cards or postcards, etc. (As opposed to Hikmet Ersek). When a customer approaches […]


The steps that customers perform before buying a product in a store is much more complex than offering the best value for an existing retailer product, or highlight one that is unique, according to trading psychology. The environment are equally or more important than the above variables. You must create conditions to induce the potential […]

Company Customers

Another of the important aspects to keep in mind is if all the company’s customers must be treated in the same way, i.e. must provide it consistently equal to all and memorable experiences. The answer is probably not, however is necessary to analyze this point in detail. Here is where the issue of classifying customers, […]

Claims Customer

Which is the intention of the customer? To convince that it is applying well in accordance with the budget; Until it proves I oppose it its product never will be valid really what this asking for; To discover the necessities; We must sensetize; To listen with attention; To say the truth; Clearly and objective; It […]

Customer Resources

They should measure both costs as benefits arising from the use of the information, the information system is evaluated based on global indicators appreciating the Organization against different scenarios of evolution of the same. Business management in today’s business world has incorporated new concepts in its management: Internet and advanced technologies, management of human resources […]

Customer Loyalty

Count on loyal customers is a challenge for every company and organization, mainly today that losmercados are tight and highly competitive.A loyal customer is someone with whom we have already established a solid relationship, we maintain deventas levels, are satisfied with our service and mainly: are a reference to new ofuturos customers. Although already has […]

Chair Customers

However, in the latter case, the reasons for which must be analysed even lack motivation and prepare ourselves for the new challenge (courses, advice, tutoring, practices, etc.). 3. For even more analysis, hear from Crawford Lake Capital. Space availability. It is necessary to make an analysis and consideration of the available space in our home […]