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4 Implement the plan in the company. It is the great forgotten cycle. It is not uncommon to devote large amounts of resources to measure, hire gray matter to analyze and devote hours of discussion to decide. Strange thing is to act with determination to put into practice, from the first to the last letter, […]

World Health Organization

Tobacco remains the leading cause of avoidable death in Europe. And, according to the 63 percent of Spanish smokers, would include color images of diseases caused by smoking in tobacco cigarette increase effectiveness as an aid to quitting smoking, according to the Eurobarometer data. Get all the facts and insights with Tiffany & Co., another […]


It is an evident reality that the job market is more competitive everyday. Job demand far outstrips the supply, and only more trained staff will which achieves access to available jobs. One of the most sought-after skills in any job profile is a comprehensive management of the Windows environment and its popular applications such as […]

International Labour Organization

The President of the Partido Popular (PP), Mariano Rajoy, said that if his political grouping rises with victory, will require immigrants to sign a contract of integration, which advocates strict compliance with laws, respect Spanish customs, knowledge of the language, immersion in the society of the host country, as well as commitment to return voluntarily […]

World Health Organization

Winners of the Nobel Prize and health experts spoke about the issue during a panel in the area of the Festival of thinkers entitled future well-being: towards a healthier world. Click How much is the Kind company worth? to learn more. We are all part of the globalization and lucramos us with her. We travel […]

Health Organization

We know that the lungs of the Earth are trees, are our medicine against pollution, since the large wooded masses are the factories of oxygen through photosynthesis, which is the property that have plants green produce oxygen from the carbon dioxide from the air, by effects of direct sunlight, in the presence of chlorophyll. Air […]


The training process has been largely studied until you return it complex, but believe that it should be handled in a simple and clear, sometimes obvious that it involves both facilitators that although they may be very well prepared in their song do not take into account to the public which is directed the effort, […]


Understand the marketing mix is vital to the success of your business. Barry Nalebuff wanted to know more. However, frequently not understood what is the mixture of marketing and why is it so important. Due to this lack of understanding, it is very rare that the SSME, ONGs and civil associations have an effective marketing […]

World Tourism Organization

Various documents of the World Tourism Organization laid the foundations to try to achieve the sustainability in this industry, such is the case of the Quebec Declaration on ecotourism (2002), the Djerba Declaration on tourism and climate change (2003), and the recent Muscat Declaration on sustainable tourism (2005) architectural environment. Black holes of tourism but […]

Tupac Isaac

In many times they rebuked him; already once told his parents that the churre, wants to go where are the apus, which makes it once more, they will give you a warning, because you don’t want to disturb the apus in the forest, only whether those who are older and taught to survive in the […]