Modern Doorbells

Most of the houses, apartments, offices today are equipped with one or another warning device, which allows civilized enough to announce his arrival and wish to join. Quite often this is the usual cheesy, but effective electromechanical bell or buzzer. In fact, experiments with the signal fed by electricity carried in the eighteenth century. But […]

The Request

Documents on the redevelopment should include the following: certificate of ownership, registration certificate for an apartment, an extract from the goblin books, a copy of the financial account, technical advice on the status of structures, redevelopment project, designed by a licensed design company Sanepidemstantsii detention, a legally, a single customer management, architectural and planning management, […]

Repair Apartments And Offices

Repair of apartments does not cease to be constantly in demand service, in spite of the rapidly changing economic situation. Everyone would like to equip yourself for a unique living space. Write from the residential pomescheniyaoptimalny, uyutnyyitehnologichny House is only valid for a decent quality of works to repair the apartment. This, in turn, contributes […]