SAP Monitoring Solution

Posted in News on November 13th, 2017
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Atos Origin has theGuard to optimize IT operations for the use of the SAP monitoring software! ApplicationManager RealTech decided Walldorf, May 19, 2009 Atos Origin is one of the world’s leading IT service providers with about 50,000 employees in 40 countries. Its global data centers handled approximately 750,000 ERP users in over 50 countries. In […]

Stuttgart Airport NetWeaver

Posted in News on November 10th, 2017
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“REALTECH organized info day for SAP NetWeaver identity management and SAP BusinessObjects access control Walldorf, June 22, 2009 – REALTECH offers the SAP community with the info tag compliant identity management” a further highlight in 2009. In cooperation is all about security, identity management, and governance, risk & compliance with the SAP and SECUDE at […]

Nexus Provides Zertificon Portfolio On Well-known Trade Fair In Berlin Before

Posted in News on November 1st, 2017
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‘ Modern State: Zertificon makes public administrations fit in email security nexus Zertificon portfolio on well-known trade fair in Berlin Berlin provides IT-security solutions in official use, 02 November 2009 Nexus Technology GmbH is on the 24th and 25th November at the trade fair Moderner Staat in Berlin represented. At the booth, 2/806 presents the […]

OSIS Identity

Posted in News on September 27th, 2017
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The Karlsruhe fun communications GmbH founded a German-speaking group “Information Card” technology in the leading business network XING. Karlsruhe, February 25, 2009 – the protection of personal data and security are identity management in the Internet in the foreground. The standard “Information Card”, which replaced the classic logon with user name and password with a […]

Managing Director

Posted in News on September 7th, 2017
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The new release comes with functional enhancements and improved technology Stuttgart, October 12, 2010 – the six open systems GmbH will present the next version of its enterprise media management system with Oase media city 9.2 (SixOMC 9.2). It brings more new features than any other Opix media city previous version in the 15-year history: […]

Incomedia Decides Collaboration With Australian Distributor Mindscape

Posted in News on April 3rd, 2017
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The famous all-in one solution for creating professional Web pages, WebSite X 5, now also on the Australian market available SYDNEY, 8 August 2012 – Incomedia, one of the leading independent developer and publisher of multimedia software for the PC, the launch of WebSite X 5 in Australia announced today. Incomedias success products is the […]

European EMOS

Posted in News on December 14th, 2016
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In the past 25 years, already 70 young people have acquired highly skilled trades in the IT profession. The two company founders still committed and determined show up even after a quarter-century. The course for the next few years are already provided. Current changes in the legal situations have become increasingly necessary investments. Both in […]

Schiller Street

Posted in News on December 1st, 2016
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Self service can free resources at the human resources managers in the company through an employee also be invested in strategic human resources management which has in recent years increasingly in the focus of the company. Strategic human resource management means a long-term, forward-looking personnel work, which goes far beyond the operational business of the […]

Sprint Organised Minds

Posted in News on November 28th, 2016
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Agile process models in software development, such as E.g. Scrum, enjoy within the IT industry of great popularity. To know more about this subject visit Hikmet Ersek. With the help of OrganisedMinds, the cloud based business collaboration & management solution of the gleichnlamigen Karlsruhe company OrganisedMinds GmbH, development teams that are distributed in easiest way […]

Federal Government

Posted in News on November 25th, 2016
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Oberursel introduced comprehensive system on the basis of the ELOenterprise, 20.04.2010 which netsolutions has ELO specialist with the agricultural pension Bank nahom successfully introduced a banking solution on the basis of the ELOenterprise. In addition, various modules developed by nahom were used. The extensive project was implemented gradually and in close collaboration between the noeske […]