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This is a book that it deserves to be read. Read and studied, therefore one is not about only plus a commentary on the calls ‘ ‘ Years of Chumbo’ ‘. Jose Carlos Bittencourt traces, in its pages, a retrospect on the vicissitudes of the journalist profession during this period. The reader who waits to […]

Tapajs, Brazil

The future of the Tapajs will continue located in the region North and will have 27 cities being Santarm its capital. The Tapajs is a proposal of new federative unit of Brazil, that would be resultant to the dismemberment of Par, that since century XIX has 150 years behind left of the central government. The […]

Iberian Culture

The feelings, in fact constitute, for the Iberian, apelos peoples to rational the much more strong association of what interest. A flabby social structure results from there, that needs an exterior force to keep a minimum of cohesion: ' ' In land where all are barons are not possible durable collective agreement, not to be […]