Tapajs, Brazil

The future of the Tapajs will continue located in the region North and will have 27 cities being Santarm its capital. The Tapajs is a proposal of new federative unit of Brazil, that would be resultant to the dismemberment of Par, that since century XIX has 150 years behind left of the central government. The region proposal is detainer of one of the lower social indices of the country. In case that the state of the Tapajs either servant, and Santarm either the Itaituba capital it will feel the problems regional and the government will be next. An example of Itaituba not to feel the problems regional of the state of Par is that the city of Itaituba is very distant of the current capital of Par and this is a great problem.

This problem to be decided the State of the Tapajs has that to be approved Itaituba to improve, therefore I say YES to the State of the Tapajs. THE CREATION OF TAPAJS THALYTA KINGS OF 6 BRITO We believe that the creation of this new state is sufficiently favorable the region of Low southwestern Amazon and of Par, since this region is very forgotten by the government. In the truth, always we were an isolated state of the remaining portion of Par, but we want more, we want to be recognized for the remaining portion of Brazil and of the world, we want our proper identity. Our desire of emancipation has historical roots that they come since the half of the century XIX; when Dom Peter II signed, in 1850, the decree of creation of the Province of the Black River, later Province and State of Amazon, later that the elites of that unit and had tried, without success, on account proper separation, in 1832 through the Cabanagem. If the population to vote yes for the creation of the new states (Tapajs and Carajs), the area of abrangncia of the state of the Tapajs will be greater that excessively (Par and Carajs), approximately 722,358 km, will be the room biggest of the country, however will have the lesser population, approximately 1.300.090 inhabitants, will be 23 more populous of Brazil, its GIP will be of R$9 billions of Reals, its probable capital will be Santarm, that currently possesss 294,774 inhabitants (IBGE-2010).