New: Internet Presence By Hire-purchase

Saleem Agency launches program for medium-sized companies of the region / cash for clunkers for old pages a new, professional Internet presence would be due. But only a few companies from the region want to spend several thousand euro. “Rent instead invest”, the Internet Agency advises therefore trenovis OHG from VS-Schwenningen. As a new program for the domestic economy introduces trenovis to 1 October the hire-purchase from Internet sites. For a monthly rate of funding you get a corporate website with everything that entails.

At the same time, a scrapping premium for old version introduces trenovis. Up to 490 euros trenovis refunded the commercial customers, if they opt for a new website. With a management system developed by trenovis websites can be completely redesigned and programmed within a few hours. It’s called infoinclude2 ( The update of a website has simplified trenovis.

In the future it is necessary only a simple E-Mail to a send address given, and already the new text is available on the website. Partner for the financing scheme is leasing, a company of the Baden-Wurttemberg State Bank LBBW MVV. MVV leasing fast, uncomplicated contracts promised”trenovis Managing Director Uwe Messner reported. The contracts have fixed maturities, the length of which can be arranged freely. The Internet pages including rights pass after the end of the rental period in the possession of the customer. The model is offered as a pilot project in the region and will be extended in 2010. It is modelled on the software leasing, that MVV has already established on the market. “Hire-purchase or leasing of websites has the advantage for companies that guarantees, lines of credit, liquidity and equity not or only slightly touched”, Uwe Messner explains. The hire-purchase package includes design, programming, licensing, domain and server fees, as well as a range of services. Uwe Messner says: we know nationwide not a comparable offer. Within a few hours it can be now a completely new site on the Internet with many additional features and modules that had to be programmed previously expensive extra.” Information can be found on of trenovis OHG trenovis OHG located in Villingen-Schwenningen, Germany founded in 2003, Internet Agency is a full service provider for?E-Commerce, commercial Web sites and online marketing. trenovis opts for high production depth and supports therefore in addition to the design and programming of Internet projects managing servers and advertising in search engines. In addition, the Agency operates a Photography Studio for high-end digital images that can be included for example directly in online catalogs. The services are offered according to the individual needs of the customers in the building block principle. Target groups of trenovis are the medium-sized industry, tourism, trade and crafts. Another focus lies in the field of entertainment and leisure. An in-house development is the content management system infoinclude2 on the Is cold fusion programming environment and is characterised by particularly simple, layman-friendly application. Founder of trenovis are the photo Designer Uwe Messner and the computer science Dipl.-ing. (FH) Ron metal share. Three other employees and a network of partners are flexibly available for customer projects. Uwe Messner