Translation Agency Skrivanek: Translations In Hungarian, Estonian, Latvian, Lithuanian

The translation agency Skrivanek offers translations from and into the Baltic languages Estonian, Latvian and Lithuanian. Berlin, September 23, 2009. The translation agency Skrivanek expands its range of language: the Baltic languages Estonian, Latvian and Lithuanian represent a major focus in addition to many other Eastern and Central European languages. In today’s modern Europe, the Baltic region plays a key role in all sectors of the economy, so a market entry or expansion in many ways can be lucrative. For this reason, the translation service Skrivanek offers professionally-made translations in the Estonian, Latvian and Lithuanian language in many subject areas (E.g.

Economics, technology, law, communication, medicine) at. The dense branch network of translation service Skrivanek has its own branch offices in Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania. Thanks to our pan-European presence, we each closely cooperate with native-speaking translators on site. All – Estonian, Latvian – and Lithuanian translator can have both qualifications and years of experience in their respective areas of expertise. For each translation job in the or from the Estnische(n), an experienced project manager selects a most appropriate translator Lettische(n) or Litauische(n), who is familiar with the technical language of the text to be translated. Only native speakers used, living and working in Estonia or Latvia or Lithuania are here. Finally, know only so-called native speaker”to observe all country-specific, linguistic and cultural characteristics of the Baltic States during the translation process. Thus, the translation Office Skrivanek clients benefit from a well-structured and local network of Estonian, Latvian and Lithuanian translators (each with a degree and professional training).

In addition highest quality, is by a second independent experts always corrected of the finished Estonian, Latvian or Lithuanian translation on content and linguistic accuracy. Using the form on the website of the translation service Skrivanek can record companies and individuals who need a translation into or out of the Baltic languages Estonian, Latvian or Lithuanian, uncomplicated way contact and submit their documents. Then, the potential customer promptly receive an individually customized, free and non-binding offer for the translation. The exact price for translations from or into the Estnische(n), Lettische(n) or Litauische(n) depends on several factors, mainly of text size and delivery time. For new customers, the translation Office Skrivanek additionally provides an option of a free sample translation from or into the languages of the Baltic (Estonian, Latvian, Lithuanian). In this way the party can convince personally service and quality of the translations. About Skrivanek: The Translation agency Skrivanek defines itself as a global and innovative company with quality-oriented, futuristic concept. Language services are top priority at the highest level. International branch networks Skrivanek works closely with qualified and experienced translators from Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania, which meet the high quality requirements of the ISO norm 9001:2001 and the DIN EN 15038.