Price Negotiations: Fighting For Your Price

“” “Price negotiations lead successfully to purchase you’re expensive.” a competitive offer is me, that is five percent cheaper. “If you not come to me with the price, then I can not place the order you.” Such testimonials hear almost daily seller of industrial goods and services in contract and price negotiations. Therefore many believe […]

Trade Association Company

Contributions to the Trade Association offer potential savings if early April sent the post notices of the Berufsgenossenschaften (BG), the right time this is for companies to check own payments to the BG and claims appeals. Due to changes in the classification are often unexpected savings in the next few weeks get Germany company their […]

Dr. Horst S. Werner As A Speaker

Dr. Horst S. Werner is publicist and service providers as a consultant for finance and investments during the banking crisis of Dr. Werner, economic and tax attorney in Gottingen, for the transfer of private capital in entrepreneurial productive capital through equity and capital market emissions. He has medium-sized companies in raising capital on the capital […]

Translation Agency Skrivanek: Translations In Hungarian, Estonian, Latvian, Lithuanian

The translation agency Skrivanek offers translations from and into the Baltic languages Estonian, Latvian and Lithuanian. Berlin, September 23, 2009. The translation agency Skrivanek expands its range of language: the Baltic languages Estonian, Latvian and Lithuanian represent a major focus in addition to many other Eastern and Central European languages. In today’s modern Europe, the […]

State Change

Change management allows sustainable change and development of the organization. This concerns the optimisation of all domestic and external work processes, the flow of information, communication, staff qualifications, and overall performance of the company. The consultancy solving Efeso is years of user of the change management programme and know what the market wants. Prerequisite for […]

Identify Opportunities

In times of doubt a view from the outside can as the concepts of coaching sharpen own views of potential and opportunities and provide support for a meaningful life. The philosophy behind concepts and coaching the times are very moving, volatile, confusing. Every day new challenges can make it necessary to overcome crises and to […]