Trade Association Company

Contributions to the Trade Association offer potential savings if early April sent the post notices of the Berufsgenossenschaften (BG), the right time this is for companies to check own payments to the BG and claims appeals. Due to changes in the classification are often unexpected savings in the next few weeks get Germany company their contribution notices of the Berufsgenossenschaften (BG). According to the Cologne consulting company BGopt, this is the ideal time to thoroughly check the classification of the employee and the own payments to the BG. We see good opportunities, to reduce the own strains for many companies. Often the hazard rates vary, for example, through restructuring, merging or outsourcing”, so the Cologne lawyer experienced in dealing with the BGS Nicole Hencinski. An objection against the current contribution decision must within one month at the competent BG There are available. Then the companies involved could claim retroactively and for future investment their demands. Chances for lower contributions are currently especially according to the independent Beitragsoptimierer: own surveys around 60 percent of the companies would be grouped by a flawed and too high. The services of the Professional Association in the event of damage also preserved for proper grouping or reduction in the contributions in full.