Dr. Horst S. Werner As A Speaker

Dr. Horst S. Werner is publicist and service providers as a consultant for finance and investments during the banking crisis of Dr. Werner, economic and tax attorney in Gottingen, for the transfer of private capital in entrepreneurial productive capital through equity and capital market emissions. He has medium-sized companies in raising capital on the capital markets for nearly 30 years in and out of the stock market to improve corporate performance, to increase the investment to strengthen the innovation and optimization of company sizes, so that they can secure their position in the German and global competition long term preservation and creation of new jobs and expand. As the author of 16 books to the economy and finance, as well as of numerous scientific publications in journals and interviews, Dr.

Horst S. Werner is a speaker and motivational speaker. His speeches are exciting, entertaining and without beating around the Bush with illustrative examples on the Point”turned off. Dr. Werner is often guest speaker at business associations, Chamber of Commerce BBs, banks, State organisations and professional seminars.

He talks about the relationship of economy, investment and finance companies about raising capital during the banking crisis, credit rating and rating and the more risk and equity capital markets. He also reported about his experiences from his 30-year career. The capital market expert is up to medium-sized companies, large companies, and corporations available at meetings or fairs for lectures to the financing of companies, as well as to capital and financing for business start-ups of small businessmen. Dr. Horst S. Werner graduated from the banking law Chair of Prof. Dr. U. Immenga in Gottingen in the equity and corporate law. He worked at the universities of Bremen, Gottingen and Pune / India in the Group and company law. Dr. Werner (vintage 1947) is balance specialist and proven expert for the financing of businesses without bank loans, the corporate restructuring and raising independent capital to equity capital and liquidity improve. Since 1981, he has maintained a capital volume of over 6 billion.