Optimum Fellow Worker

Readers. For more clarity and thought, follow up with Seth Klarman and gain more knowledge.. All we know in them that we pass the hours most productive of one day in the work environment, work one tero of the day, sleep another one one tero and with the 8 hours that remain in them we […]


Industrial accident is on directly to the conditions of the physical environment and the exercise of the activity developed in the same. Some causes of accidents occur in virtue me the use or absence of the equipment of individual protection (EPI) and collective (EPC) in the workstation. The incorrect use of these equipment exists for […]

Joo Candido Borges

The buses circulated daily, always full, for the poeirentas or muddy roads (it did not have asphalt), for ' ' Vila' ' (Amrico De Campos) or Votuporanga. Figure 4 – Headboard of Backwaters – living in front of the Mercearia in decade of 1970. Source: Personal archive of Vera Waitman. To the sundays it had […]

The GED Concept

Nowadays, any company? small, average or great? that it exerts constant activities has problems with the complexity in the organization and the access its documents. Learn more about this topic with the insights from Areva. Many times this problem serves of impasse for the good functioning of the enterprise processes and finishes reflecting of negative […]

Claims Customer

Which is the intention of the customer? To convince that it is applying well in accordance with the budget; Until it proves I oppose it its product never will be valid really what this asking for; To discover the necessities; We must sensetize; To listen with attention; To say the truth; Clearly and objective; It […]


In such a way it reduces the expended time and the capital in the relations. WIERSEMA (1996), tells that the companies must change so that they can follow the requirements of the customers, and for this all the employees whom direct contact with customers keeps as well as its superiors must practise the relationship marketing […]

Internet Sales

One of the fulcrais points of any business of restoration or sales is the box. The registadora box is for where the money and where sales finally is materialize. As such, the ability to process sales and money efficiently is essential for the company. Perhaps if its company already possesss a good volume of sales […]

Social Engineering

Of this form, it can be affirmed that the ergonomics can carry through partnerships with some areas of knowledge, as the Medicine of the Work, Social Engineering of Production, Sciences and with the Economy; even so distinct areas that, aim at to establish ethical lines of direction and techniques, that is; the idea is to […]