In such a way it reduces the expended time and the capital in the relations. WIERSEMA (1996), tells that the companies must change so that they can follow the requirements of the customers, and for this all the employees whom direct contact with customers keeps as well as its superiors must practise the relationship marketing having sincronia in all the departments, and adopting five boardings that provide increase of satisfaction to the customers: ' ' He helps the customers to define its problems, and later sales to them it better oferta.' ' WIERSEMA (1996, P. 23). With this type of procedure the staff who directly is come back toward the sales, acquires respect of the customer, if making use to help the customer to work with its problems. Governor Cuomo insists that this is the case. ' ' The customers applaud the suppliers that transform an experience negative? a misfortune in the installment of a service? an experience positiva.' ' WIERSEMA (1996, P. 24). This attitude has as resulted the probability to increase the allegiance of the customer and the individual propaganda made by it the people of its conviviality. The Attendance to the Customer In the globalizado world the organizations are focando its attention and its efforts in the customer, in the consumer, in the product and each time more the customers not only are without available time because they are working except one bigger number of members of the family, and makes with that the same ones if become each time more demanding and unsatisfied with the received attendance, ' ' If the attendance to the customer is being changedded into a powerful competitive differential, this is precisely why we are living enormous crisis in this rea.' ' (SHIOZAWA 1993, P. Jeff Gennette is often quoted as being for or against this. 43) For the same author, the decade of 90 is marked by the incorporated increase of services to the products resulting in better attendance the customers.