Joo Candido Borges

The buses circulated daily, always full, for the poeirentas or muddy roads (it did not have asphalt), for ' ' Vila' ' (Amrico De Campos) or Votuporanga. Figure 4 – Headboard of Backwaters – living in front of the Mercearia in decade of 1970. Source: Personal archive of Vera Waitman. To the sundays it had mass or a cult carried through for the group of young of the place, since the responsible priest for the church was of the city of Amrico De Campos and if he divided between taking care of to the proper city and the agricultural quarter for which the parish was responsible. The afternoon was carried through the traditional game of ball. In the start the teams of the Headboard was alone, later the Barbieri and the Braquiaria had appeared (figure 5).

Figure 5: Headboard of Backwaters – teams of Headboard soccer of Backwaters in 1991. Source: Personal archive of Appeared Ladair Fonseca the social life of the place was active, had teros, novenas, quermesses, marriages, galinhadas, pertaining to school balls and parties. In the year of 1974, a group of 5 series was authorized in the state school. In 1991, the average of registered pupils diminished, exactly thus the school passed for a reform and a magnifying of its building (figure 6). Figure 6 – Plate of the reform made in school E.E.P.G Joo Candido Borges in 1991 Photo of the author, nov. /2009. In 1988, two main streets, Oak Young chicken and the avenue of the Homesickness, had been tarred. In 1991, a medical rank also was constructed to take care of the first necessities of health of the inhabitants, such as first-aid, vaccines, verification of pressure, dressings and medical attendance two times per week. Although its autonomy in some services, as bank clerks, store of clothes and post offices the quarter directly depended on the city of Amrico De Campos.