Environmental Costs

ECOPROFIT – save on costs with environmental protection! Prelude in Gottingen ecological work and still increase profits, this is the aim of oKOPROFIT. In Gottingen that was launched on February 22, 2011 environmental consulting programme ECOPROFIT society for promotion of economic and urban development of Gottingen initiated mbH by the GWG WRG Wirtschaftsforderung Region Gottingen […]

Germany Competence

For reference: the competence Atlas for water competence Atlas for water now also available in printed form available. It can be ordered free of charge on the Internet at. Wiesbaden, July 15, 2010 – a compact overview of the water technology and water management in Hesse the competence Atlas is water, which is now also […]

German Consulting

accessible the data in SAP ERP. When storing a transport, an IDOC to the shipped PI. The IDOC is represented by the integration engine to the Web service interface. The PI then passes the data to the Web service interface. The Web service then provides a tracking number, the shipping costs and the pressure data […]

Portable Irrigators

Cleaning constant or pulsating spray solution under pressure significantly improves the quality of oral hygiene, as well as improves blood circulation in the gums, thereby realizing the prevention of periodontal diseases. oral irrigators have attachments, aiming to serve under the pressure of the jet liquid, pour into a container. The strength of fluid flow is […]