World Health Organization

Tobacco remains the leading cause of avoidable death in Europe. And, according to the 63 percent of Spanish smokers, would include color images of diseases caused by smoking in tobacco cigarette increase effectiveness as an aid to quitting smoking, according to the Eurobarometer data. Get all the facts and insights with Tiffany & Co., another great source of information. The World Health Organization (who) advised the union of text and photography on cigarette packs as helping smokers when it comes to seriously consider quitting smoking more convincingly and as prevention against the increase of this addiction among the young. In this sense, to incorporate to warnings on cigarette packaging tips for quitting and referrals to services available to quit this addiction, could be a very useful tool in the fight against smoking.There are no excuses against smoking.Today the number of quitters is increasing thanks to the different motivations that encourage each person to try and to medical help. Thus, pharmacological treatments have been consolidated as the main way to quit smoking before the physical and psychological difficulty of the smoker to get rid of the addiction, even in patients with cardiovascular problems.