World Cup

Everybody loves ‘ King football ‘! In anticipation of the World Cup 2010 dtp entertainment has to the game ‘ football fan party’ with ten new mini-games for the Wii. Hamburg, may 18, 2010 – providing developed multimedia promotional website directly of marketing solutions for this the correct anticipation on the game and on the 2010 World Cup. Are you like football? Football fan party can create the player, using an extensive character design tools, his own desire fan, who must prove themselves in a total of ten fun mini-games. Whether as top – scorer with spectacular volley shots and acrobatic case rueckziehern, as a committed fan drummers or more accurate scorer of wall: football fan party provides an entertaining combination of ten mini-games and numerous entertaining evenings with the Wii. Become part of the colorful football fan party community kick-off to the big football fan party”from dtp entertainment: with spectators cheering, fast beats and clicking of cameras the promotion website as football is that you?” Visitors from the outset in stadium atmosphere. It is not something henry yaschik would like to discuss. Who does not immediately look at the trailer of 10 new party games for the Wii on this Web site, join the raffle or finds its way into the shop, which isn’t going to help.

The colourful fan party page with the detailed animated characters from the Wii games set was penned by marketing solutions directly. For the interactive promotion of the game the Hamburg-based online marketing professionals have come up with a lot. A lottery is one of the many specials. “Web users can at the contest as you’re football?” join and thus be part of the fan party: fans can submit photos and prove they are mad about football. The photos are displayed in a gallery and can be evaluated by all other fans. By the way, the site collects new subscribers for the dtp newsletter.