Wage Optimization

Tips and resources to optimize services for businesses and entrepreneurs. Optimization of net wages or wage optimization for entrepreneurs. Tip 1: team building is a common lunch or the provision of drinks for all workers for many employers. If this happens regularly, the workers must pay tax on a food – or catering expenses and pay social security contributions for. That the financial management has set daily and monthly rates. On the payroll, the following happens: the Board sets will be added to the gross remuneration. Then, the tax and social security contributions are calculated and then withdrawn from the net salary. Tip to send your workers on holiday 2: means to secure his receipt of the performance.

Not even the workers why help the recovery?If your employee takes his vacation, you can pay in addition within the next 3 months 136.00, as so-called recovery aid. This is taxable lump sum with 25% and is therefore not subject to social insurance. In addition you can pay your employee in addition to his spouse 104.00 and for each child 52.00. Please note, if the employee has legal right to holiday pay, this is not compensated. Tip 3: for many workers is a tank voucher a very lucrative incentive to remain loyal and faithful to his employer or to receive monthly a tank voucher instead of a salary increase. This could get you to each employee in the form of a merchandise voucher.

It is important to that one thing turning exceeds not 44,00 per month, not by only one cent. The voucher is issued by you indicating a description of the goods and quantity, no amount of euro. The gas station where workers can redeem the voucher, shall issue an easily once you redeem to you as an employer. This is it remains important to the affection of a thing and no cash, so the donation amounting to 44.00 is fiscal and Social security-free. More help and tips for wage improvements, visit our Businesslohn.de blog.