Vogel Expert

The best-selling author and top emotional selling expert Ingo Vogel explained delight sellers, such as customers and their products. “Top emotional selling: emotional selling as a competitive advantage” is the title of a lecture, the sales trainer and keynote speaker Ingo Vogel, Esslingen/Berlin, has designed specifically for the sellers of companies, for the success of the emotional appeal of the customer is a key success factor. The lecture explains how bird, which is considered the expert selling and authentic selling for emotional, as they can quickly locate ticking sellers as a customer”and what wants and needs it has. Furthermore, as they bring him with words to dream, so he says towards the end of the sales call conviction: Yes, this product “or this performance I want.” Also bird them sets out with concrete examples from the sales and distribution of everyday life, what for the verbal and non-verbal behaviour of the Seller in the customer contact follows. “” This is a central message of the author of the bestseller top emotional selling: the 7 Secrets of the top seller “: this seller customers to purchase ver-lead” can, they can empathize even in a good mood even on bad days. “Because: who is in a good mood, well received.” “A further core message is: top seller, in conversation with customers who did their curiosity and interest can wake up and build up a trusting relationship with them, are desires detectives”.

In other words, they discover in the customer contact first, as her counterpart is ticking”and on what channel they can reach him. How to do this, Vogel explains numerous examples. Is another core message of the sales and marketing professionals: top seller pack their messages so that the customers start to dream and in the course of the conversation the relevant to the decision to buy part of decisions. The goal of this: At the end of the sales meeting is the question no longer buys the customer? “, but how much does he buy?”. What follows for the different phases of a sales call and seller achieve this which occurrence of and (talk) behavior, explained bird with numerous examples from the sales or sales everyday life of each sector, as well as the daily work of the present vendor.

On request, Ingo Vogel leads seminars on the topic of emotional sell”in companies. Companies, associations and sales organizations that may want to engage Ingo Vogel as a speaker, for example, for a sales kick-off or a dealer or association meeting, find more info under top-speaker-sale – lecture.