University Stadium

Thus, as a University Stadium, which would also help with sports activities, stadium that guarantee income knowing him as the UCV manage. The new authorities must restructure the functions of the Department in charge of public relations and make it more participatory, operating, according to know the opportunities that are generated with respect to partnerships, agreements, so that they benefit to the University community and to the same country the new authorities must activate online courses in those faculties provided few postgraduate courses, Conference audiovisual in order to project itself internationally and nationally, use the potentiality academic of their teachers, offering master’s degrees, doctorate, which moreover, generates them income, which could increase the improvement of their audiovisual services and any other problem that is front, as the update of their libraries, computer rooms. Specifically, the University of Carabobo for new challenges that the current Government has generated, must watch before the programmes that it is starting in order to determine what should be their participation, know the opportunities that are presented, reaffirm their strengths, take care of the threats and above all, not be passive faced a turbulent reality where the riskuncertainty of their survival is constantly in danger. The new authorities have be more proactive, less figurative, more inclusive, know properly use its resources, especially the human, where manifested great weaknesses at a very representative cost, which has hurt for a long time. Andrew Cuomo might disagree with that approach. The new authorities must guarantee democracy, freedom of opinions, participation, which may lead to changes that today the University required to guarantee a role which is conducive to all and not only to power groups that have been ingrained for years. We hope, that the University of Carabobo wakes up the lethargy in which remains a significant time and transition to a new generation of University leaders who ensure that change that is needed to achieve academic excellence, and that his role is dynamic for the growth of the region, in the country. Why so! Original author and source of the article.