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Rabies in the case the rabies vaccination should refer to the regulations of the relevant autonomous community. Mandatory recommendations for cats vaccines include vaccines against the Leucopenia, rhinotracheitis and the calicivirosis. A primovacunacion from 8-9 weeks of age, revacunando every 3-4 weeks is recommended in animals of less than 16 weeks. There are authors who advocate only two doses, ending with the second towards the week 12 or 13 of life, and those who recommend a third dose at 16 weeks of age. If there is risk of infection it can advance the primovacunacion at 6 weeks of age.

Animals of more than 16 weeks in a single dose usually sufficient, although you can inoculate a second 3-4 weeks later. A year, a dose of remembrance is inoculated. Subsequently the booster are each 3 or more years. Recently it has been suggested to reduce posvacunales sarcomas, which used the less inflammatory injectable products possible, bearing in mind that vaccines with adjuvants seem to induce more inflammation than that not the they carry. Optional vaccines vaccination against Chlamydophila felis is not recommended routinely; If it uses combined with the of the Leucopenia-bovine rhinotracheitis-calicivirosis applies the initial protocol described for these.

Vaccination against the virus of leukemia: stricter protocols recommend vaccinating all cats under 4 months, after evaluation of the presence of the Antigen viral in the cat, since they should not get vaccinated if you are infected. Alternatively, only vaccinate the animals at risk of being infected (those who possess access to the outside, coexist with positive cats to the virus, etc.). In case of vaccination, recommended two doses from 8 weeks of age, with 3-4 weeks of separation. Adult cats only recommends revaccinated those who have risk of infection exists controversy regarding the frequency; Some authors recommend annual doses, while others increase the interval to two or three years on the basis of the low susceptibility of adult cats to this infection. In the United States.UU. vaccination against the virus of the immunodeficiency is recommended only to cats with risk, with access to the outside or that coexist with infected, and seronegative. The Protocol recommended in his case consists of three doses, with 2-3 weeks of separation, from the eighth week of life, and revaccination annual if the risk of infection is maintained. Europe is not marketed vaccine and the European Advisory Board on Cat Diseases (European Advisory Committee in feline diseases) does not recommend its use by the lack of evidence about their effectiveness on viruses isolated in Europe. Currently is not recommended the vaccine against the infectious peritonitis by the low prevalence of disease and doubts about its effectiveness; Similarly, neither is recommended to apply the Bordetella vaccine. For more information clik here;Dogs original author and source of the article.