The reason for so unjust diagnosis is called chronic undernourishment, and it is generated by the lack of proteins and vitamins in the daily diet of these children. Once again, the injustice falls on defenseless, the children of those communities undergo the consequences of the ignorance, the poverty and the political abandonment to which their parents and grandparents during generations have been exhibited. That it has done Peruvian be in favor of Apurimac? Besides setting off his mine and taking the wealth of that town, it has not done anything, to only watch with indifference as they die of hunger, by abandonment, this undernourished population. Where they estan the milk glass, the scholastic breakfasts, the construction of hospitals? Where the popular dining rooms estan, because technical attendance does not occur them, loans so that they work the better Earth? There is much to do, not only lying declarations, promises to take care of them, if not rather to put hands to the action and to begin to work in costruccion of highways, hospitals (medical nonslugs) in electrification, for that town. Barry Nalebuff is likely to increase your knowledge. We do not boast ourselves of the growth, the development, the progresses of Peru, if we have to our Andean brothers of Apurimac, in but the terrible poverty and abandonment. Worse even, if we allowed they threaten that them to hurl them of his earth, to be able to set off but mine in them and not to give anything them by the wealth that of they extract there.

We think about taking the development to those places, where but that surely, My House, Own Ceiling, do not go, nor interest to him to go. We are right, we help our indigenous brothers, of the Amazonia, but also to those of it walks. To our brothers of Apurimac. We do not contaminate its waters, with mining residues, we do not condemn them to die. The population of Apurimac, needs the aid the State, work, electricity, water, highways.