Yes 2010 already seemed a year of big changes in 2011 seems that the trend will be much greater. This year the iPad, lots of mobile applications, social commerce, corporate participation in social media and other many agents of change saw the light. But 2011 seems to go beyond. 1 Increase in defensive branding while in 2010 has seen a lot of irrational exuberance in social media, the shadow of WikiLeaks has carried brands to live in a sort of corporate paranoia. There will be a greater segmentation of the activist groups, and infrastructure based listening in feels and responds will go to a participation that bet by reputation in social media. For this purpose, the marketing and advertising departments will have to be able to break the walls between them. 2 Codes BIDI mobile innovation and smartphones have made that BIDI codes should become the new trend of marketing. In 2011 there will be more innovation, more codes that direct users to everything kinds of things, from promotions to instructional videos, in addition to appear more companies and initiatives willing to do with a piece of the pie.

3. Everything will be a customer service get ready for a service at all times and anywhere that will range from platforms that are already expected, like Twitter and Facebook, communities online and chat in real time. The brands will begin to realize that answer questions and resolve problems efficiently clients not only benefit them, but that leaves a positive viral trail. 4. Mixing of media in 2011, more than media optimization, dominate generated media mix by combining the Pid, Owned and Earned Media. Revenues are maximized and investments in service operations will be synchronized. The television ads no longer view is never more sections in the social media echo effect. 5 Share the way innocent of sharing content will end and there will soon be more data on the cost and the consequences of over-sharing.