The most interesting thing is that when he explained how to get him, I listened carefully, because she had forgotten in the circulation of these proposals about what we agreed to work remotely. The cost also remained poluzagadkoy. Knowing already that the payment for the transfer is in the thousands of characters, I clarified this issue, and received the answer: "We believe the A4 page, and you're there yourself recalculate. I was confused because it had no idea how many characters on a sheet of A4, and how to count them now cherished 1800. But he came to my aid and responded to this question: 1800 signs will cost approximately 50 hryvnia. Perhaps the forces clarification of the chemical specificity of the text I have not even found.

Tired of talking, I quickly said goodbye, said he would think and compare their conditions with competitors About myself decided that are not addressed to them for anything! Most interesting, then I saw their website, which is by no means gives the impression of incomprehensible. And the prices were there! Funny, but they were written in terms of 1800 characters. Oops! I almost forgot. Dates were also ridiculous. Practically my quote interlocutor: "For three days (pause). And maybe a week (pause). Can, in principle, and less than three days (pause).

How to order a "More calls will not like, but I make myself. And dialing in Translation "Expanse Agency llc. Phoned at once. Talked to a polite and pleasant in conversation a young man who honestly did not waste my time for nothing, and refused to take up such work.