Training Methods

The method of training volume training for an effective muscle building strong abdominal muscles and a six pack for you especially have a varied training plan. Every body is different. For an effective training plan, you can select one of the training methods presented in the following articles. The beginning of the volume represents training. Method of training volume training the basic idea of the volume of training is that you charged every muscle to be trained with several exercises and with multiple sets. This often creates the so-called muscle burn”, the so-called harem”, what many bodybuilders will see as an important stimulus for muscle building.

Such a training rarely over 90 minutes. This form of training is the best known and mostly conducted exercise area in bodybuilding and power sports. The counterpart of this exercise represents a training with intensity techniques, such as high intensity training (much less volume”) is much shorter and less at rates higher Includes intensity and therefore higher stress of central nervous system. Muscles can only grow if it they so overloaded that a growth stimulus is triggered. Low loads is not sufficient in strength training for it. The method of training volume is ideal for beginners in fitness and weight training area and is the meistverbreiteste method of training among the bodybuilders and also suitable for a six-pack and abdominal training. Tips training depending on the bigger the muscles are, the greater must also the loads to the volume of be to achieve further growth. Taking more weight after each exercise, at any rate, after each session of the growth stimulus is greatest.

You should choose the weight of sol, that this maximum of 12 WH are possible. Who creates usually easily WH 10 with a weight, should if possible, on a good day the 11th or the 12th enforce WH. Generally speaking, the set is terminated only if really nothing more, even if it a specific (even used) number of WH has reached.