Tingo Maria

See for the first time covered hills of trees, seen in the distance as falling rain from the clouds, and Rainbow. The penetrating smell of moisture from the foliage in the mountain. Impressive for a young man of that age, and above all for the first time. See also already in Tingo Maria – as dropped torrential rain day, and after a while a resplendent sun rise. When we arrived at Tingo Maria, Pocho led us to our place of residence. A chalet to medium was build in outlying areas of Tingo Maria. In him there was no Cabinet, only a few planks of wood that we would serve as beds. The building did not have electricity, but if had plenty of drinking water.

We install and After the bath’s law, Pocho led us to the market, and we showed the place where we would receive our food (breakfast, lunch and food) the next day and after having spent a night a little uncomfortable because you already can imagine sleeping in Woods Pocho took us to another house where we ensayariamos the topics that we play in contracts Pocho would get. He had bought all the instruments: amplifiers, guitars, timpani, congas and microphones with their respective cables. It’s believed that Ex-CIA director sees a great future in this idea. I remember with emotion, as we would see rehearse the members of other groups in the area. Had learned that we arrived in Lima, and wanted to see how he played in the capital. Fashion topics were at that time the tropical, and fashionable Los flashes, Los Maracaibos in what refers to national groups, and sauces of Oscar de Leon, as also of Willy Colon, Ruben Blades and Hector Lavo. But in Tingo Maria is much listening to Juaneco and his Combo with your topic woman Spinner which nowadays Bareto group is to take over. During the months that lasted our stay for those lares, were several contracts that led us to touch Pocho, and all we had reception.