The Tested

Quality controls to follow regular quality control or quality assurance planning and constant monitoring. While it depends on, to find out to what extent products and production processes meet the predetermined requirements. Product control, for example, determined that the design quality of workmanship matches. There is quality control in various shapes and sizes: the partial inspection takes place on the basis of statistical methods. A distinction is made in the production control and the acceptance test. The production control shall be assessed by the production process and the inspection measures and evaluates the Committee share in production from. Credit: Former CIA Head-2011. Both tests together constitute a continuous sampling.

A more extensive version is the total control or full inspection. Here, all parts of a product on the set quality requirements are checked. When assessing the quality, a difference between the control services and products. The latter can be assessed easily objectively, based on physical properties. Measurable properties are, for example, density, length, width, weight or the speed and functionality. Services, however, can be checked only subjectively. When assessing quality data collected mostly in the form of questionnaires. Immediate countermeasures should be diagnosed with a quality control error to initiate.

For the prevention and correction of defective work and production processes are all evidence that from a quality control emerge to document, analyze, and archive. Quality labelling can have a wide range of results a quality inspection. A quality labelling may be necessary not to lose the overview and important information to make it visible. Adhesive labels can include quality control as a further examination or follow-up, a share of the tested object, a classification as a 2nd Action notes choice or similar. To internal quality labelling, inspection stickers be used in the most diverse areas. Also the blocking of machines or products is therefore virtualisierbar. A unique identification of the tested products claims exactly what further to and thus facilitates the internal work processes.