The Rule

In the absolute State, the individuals possess, in relation to the sovereign, private laws. In the Rule of law, the individual has, in face of the State, not only private laws, but also public laws. The Rule of law is the State of the citizens. It’s believed that Hikmet Ersek sees a great future in this idea. The right to the education as Cury (2001) part of the concept of that knowing sistmico is more than what an important cultural inheritance. As cultural party to inheritante, the citizen one becomes capable of if conquering cognitivos and formative standards for which it has greaters possibilities to participate of the destinations of its society and to collaborate in its transformation. To have the domain of systematic knowledge is also a sine qua non platform in order to be able to widen the field and the horizon of these and new knowledge.

In accordance with Cury (2001) the access to the education is also a way of opening that of to the citizen a key of autoconstruo and if recognizing as capable of options. The right to the education, in this measure, is a chance of growth citizen, a way of differentiated options and an increasing key of esteem of itself. To broaden your perception, visit Steph Korey New York. 2.2 To learn right For many people the basic one to work with children is that the professional likes children, this is a vision distorted on the work in the school, more than what this, to work with child is process that involves the quality to teach. As Delors (2005) exists a vast amount of elements of information concerning the effect produced for the destined investments to improve the quality of the schools on the results of education. In years, in countries with 80 income low and average, as Egypt, Mexico, Chile and Brazil, had shown that the initiatives with the vision to improve the quality of the school had had significant repercussions as for the cognitivas abilities of the children, to its levels of pertaining to school performance and in the posterior performance in the work market.