The Request

Documents on the redevelopment should include the following: certificate of ownership, registration certificate for an apartment, an extract from the goblin books, a copy of the financial account, technical advice on the status of structures, redevelopment project, designed by a licensed design company Sanepidemstantsii detention, a legally, a single customer management, architectural and planning management, and other Mosgorekspertiza court at the request of Moszhilinspektsii, an application for approval to redevelop the apartment, preferably written consent of the neighbors redevelopment. Upon completion of the work will need to change pereplanirovochnyh technical certificate and other documents about the property. Like it or not, zoning office space – an integral part of the layout of the room. Should consider insulated cabinets for leadership, meeting rooms, archives and other necessities in your work space. But what if your imagination is focused on the periodic change of scenery that office has grown changed, flourished and was pleased to accept new guests? However, alterations to the premises may cost more gentle methods than the transfer of the walls. The decision can become barriers – not inferior to some of the properties main walls, lightweight, easy to install and ready at any time to modify as their appearance due to deposition of decorative coatings and internal appearance of the premises. Septal remodeling Especially true for the use of office partitions constantly growing companies that are new units and increases the number of staff. The most popular and functional in now the walls of plastic or toughened glass and aluminum.

Their popularity is determined by the fact that they are lightweight, portable and elegant, and allows for many variations in the installation. For even more opinions, read materials from Tulip Retail. Sliding, mobile, stationary wall, the lungs are able to screen quickly and easily solve the problem of working space zoning. If necessary, they will close you from prying eyes, or, conversely, will reveal to you the space, add to the room more light and air.