The Real Causes Of State Formation

Throwing pebbles into the water, look at the community, they formed: a cast of otherwise be empty fun Kozma Prutkov Background of state formation did not occur in a vacuum. Dominant scientific explanation for this process – a conscious need to get out of the state of public chaos, when: "I get up in the kind of family, and there was no truth in them, and things were in their feuds and voevati themselves to Xia pochasha. In this state of public disorder taken as the initial stage of development of society. Subsequently, in connection with the formation and strengthening of centralized authority, as a result of social development, there is a need for obtaining state life forms. That is, in fact, it is about projecting the Darwinian theory of species evolution on social relations. But this can not be categorically disagree. You may want to visit technology at millennium to increase your knowledge. It is known that destruction starts in the minds (and not in a relationship). Not may give rise to uncontrollable chaos ordering. And therefore can not be formed in disarray order, the more informed. Build in terms of lawlessness is impossible. But to destroy the order, especially if it is fragile and unstable, much easier. Because of this "state of war" in society should not be regarded as a cause of further social development, and as a consequence of degeneration of ideals, despondency and degradation of consciousness. Hence it comes to the forefront search for the causes of social and psychological degeneration of society, not state legal prerequisites for its development.