The People

The physical part experience physical hunger, pain, fatigue, pleasure and desires. The value of this system is to realize of which at a certain time each of these parts has its own perspective on the experiences that you are involved. When listening sincerely each voice and being listened to itself, you can get to be conscious than the experiences they resonate with all the parts of your being. Also he can say to him when only one part of its being is attracted by something and the other parts are forced to make concessions. A simple example is when one hard feels a sexual attraction to its companion and emotionally you are not connected and intellectually it does not respect his ideas and points of view. The nature of these commitments indicates to him to one what far is of a harmonious and sensible relation. A way simple to realise this is to give a scale him from 0 to 10 to the three parts with a way to count points positive of how one feels attracted by the relation that it is analyzing.

Therefore, a perfect score is 10 +10 +10 = 30, when it is with his true praise. When doing this analysis in a typical relation, is rarely that is this score. Once they have attracted our pair it recognized and them, we can begin to increase our capacity to accumulate knowledge, the energy, and to complete our union. WHAT IS THE DISPLACEMENT? The changes in the beginning banking institution in the 2010 Our financial system were created by the egos of ambitious men with the intention to distract us of our spiritual illumination, in order to benefit the men eager to be able. Our economy has been impelled by desire to accumulate wealth and to create divisions between the people, creating the conditions for the war, the genocide and the suffering.