The Mechanism

Here is where the school is called upon to promote a kind of counterculture and already start practicing, in each educational instances, respect by the other, different, sometimes antagonistic, promoting common projects and non-violent solutions to conflicts. Holistic education is an educational proposal, which is applicable in all educational levels, this educational option consists in making changes internally, slowly but surely, goes by slowly, applying through simple activities to develop consciousness first in the educator and then children, then in peers, community, the country, the continent and the planet. Holistic education is the tool that we can use to exit the current problem at the level world, is the only one that integrates databases to find the answer to the emptiness of human beings. III. Conclusion.

Our education is currently based on the mechanism, determinism, and materialism of the 18th century, which has endured during the 19th and the 20th century, was an education based on the model of assembly line of factories of that society, the objective was to form citizens for mechanical work with a strong instrumental rationality, the vision of nature was something basically deadthe predominant values were control, consumption, competition, speed, material success. Today this vision of the world generates more problems than solutions therefore becomes essential a paradigm shift that will allow us to educate differently, for a sustainable society and comprehensive manner, with a vision of 21st century humans holistic. We are beginning to understand that education has failed because it was based on false assumptions about the nature of learning, intelligence, school and the human being. All these antecedents require a change in the educational model, virtually all sectors of society are in agreement on the need for a change, the problem that arises is where. Holistic education is a comprehensive strategy to restructure education in all its aspects: nature and content of the curriculum, the role of the teacher, students, and school administrators, how to as the process of learning is focused, the strategy to completely restructure the educational system, the importance of the values and the nature of the intelligence.