Textile Maringela

The Brs always was in evidence, since its appearance. In the 1 Empire it was headquarters of lands of the Marquesa de Santos. In the 2 Empire, had appeared the races of horse, the soccer, the railroads and the first industries. With the release of the slaves and the Announcement of the Republic, they had come the immigrants and the industries of transport. They had come, also, the cultural movements, syndical politicians and. ' ' A tumult blows up the door of the plant (Industry Textile Maringela) and a troop armed of rifles of the Public Force dirige for the Brs, advancing violently the shots on the mass. It has wounded for both the sides and, reached for a bullet, it dies the anarchic shoemaker Jose Martinez' '. The text above, of a publication of the time, discloses the importance of the Brs in the organization and execution of one of the biggest strikes that So Paulo already attended, of 1917, when the anarchists that until today she is remained organized withheld the control of the working-class movement.

As point of concentration of the main industries of the time, the Brs was palco of the marcantes events. ' ' In day 11 of July, about ten a thousand people they follow cortejo fnebre that it leaves the Brs, of the street Caetano Young chicken, in direction to the cemetary of the Arrack. The burial symbolizes the ticket of the great strike for the total stoppage of So Paulo ' '. ' ' After the burial a multitude parks in the Rangel avenue Eyelash. The plants and workshops are emptied, while the streets become populated with multitudes putting into motion itself agitated in all the directions. The biggest focus of the manifestations, the shocks, the violence, the repression is the Brs, place of the majority of the plants and the residences operrias' '.