Hydro Build Electronic Archives

Association hydraulic engineer "hydro" has acquired an electronic archive of STOR-M (Alley Archives) in September 2009. The system was installed and configured by the customer on their own – the company's employees have already started to fill it documentation on completed and ongoing projects of hydraulic structures. The acquisition of an electronic archive of STOR-M […]


The differential of this technological newness it is mobility, the suitable user to cloud computing will be able to remotely have access its documents, archives and other data, of any computer, at any time, of any place of the world, being only connected to the Internet. It will be able to also use applicatory programs […]

Internet Shops – Fast And Easy !

‘You have to compare’. This is a wise idea to take those who reject the Internet shops, as such, and products displayed in the range, says the same virtual, like the itself. Have you ever run on the N-th number of stores, hoping to find the best? Have you ever in anticipation of the holiday […]

Education: Computer Science

To speak on computer science in the education is at the same time and to correspond to the necessities of a informatizada society, but with an index of absolute info-exclusion. It still has much euphoria popular, and exactly intellectual, around the Internet. The social changes produced and foreseen because of this, if do not arrive […]


One smartphone for who cannot pay for one smartphone. She is this the proposal of the Cookie of the LG, that was planned thinking about as to produce optimum touch possible to an accessible price cellular. For the surprise of the distrustful ones, the LG Cookie KP570, fulfills well its function very. Soon in the […]