European Parliament

He tried to remember what was in the Gospel on these cases but had been too long since his first Communion catechesis and only sounded something of a camel, a hole, a needle and little else. The only way in or out, depending on how you look at the door Rabbit had it in his […]

We Germans

We Germans know that the interest-rate economy is inhumane and a new monetary system and is to replace a unconditional freeze on debt. We Germans know that every human being unconditionally must receive a suitable education and training to him. We Germans know that the school, education, and training unconditionally on truthfulness and innovation must […]

Vatican Secret Archives

Up to 100 valuable documents kept in the Holy See will exhibit for the first time in public. The sample opens in the Capitoline museums in Rome. The exhibition will be open from February to September 2012. The documents include the records of the trial to Galileo Galilei, and data about the matrimonial cause of […]

Peruvian Air Force Commander Luis Gonzalez Buttgenbach

The 29th Air Force of Peru discovered that the Ecuadorians had installed a large-caliber antiaircraft machine gun which hampered the operation. All this led is planning a mass attack, using terrestrial and air, land and more than 400 men of the troops of the V region, would advance and attack enemy positions, preceded by air […]