I’ve been reading again the book rich dad, poor Dad of Robert Kiyosaky, along with another book of his own, retire young and rich, likewise have been reading power without limits of Tony Robbins, as well as other interesting literature that I have taught new things and given more resources to achieve my goals. However, […]

New Year

The delicious Christmas goose, mulled wine and gingerbread long greet mulled wine, particularly on our belly Heilbronn-05.01.2010 -, gingerbread and the delicious Christmas goose let long greet, especially on our stomach and it is picking up on the list of new year resolutions traditionally as every year, high. And like every year, every third German […]

Rosacea Treatment And Skin Care

Rosacea is a skin disorder common enough that primarily affects fair skinned people in their 30s and older. While exact cause is hard to pinpoint, the symptoms of Rosacea are obvious in their manifestation on the facial skin. Typical symptoms of rosacea is a combination of any of the following: Red looking, flushed skin – […]

Eugenia Hernandez Martinez

Lift your head so that the sound can come out whole. Imagine you have to send your voice to a distance of eg 5 meters and should get there with all its force and clarity. Then imagine that your voice should reach 10 meters and try to get direct, clear and strong. It is also […]

Generation Companies

The companies that have known to identify with human his recuro, that has paid him the interest, taken care of that these require, will know to use them, of such form, that each member, this motivating not only to belong to the company where serves its, but, that will contribute the ideas to him, creativity […]

General Service Board

History the idea of organizing a historical collection of the community of Alcoholics Anonymous records came from the hand of Bill w. in the 1950s. Bill was increasingly more concerned because the history of Alcoholics Anonymous is still wrapped in the mist of depth. Knowing that the correspondence of the Office remained loosely in the […]