The Company

If the company is small or it does not have confidence to the people with that toils, will not have more remedy than to directly ask for the increase in his head. For it, it must realise the following thing: or It hopes a little while opportune to speak with his head. Most recommendable it […]


You know which are the best mattresses in the market? And, which are the characteristics that offer? It is not sufficient with the amount of hours that we slept. The quality of sleeping is fundamental. The characteristics of our room, generally, calm surroundings, ventilated, that inspire relax. Like the tool of the worker, the bed, […]

New York Way

Everything passed so fast, that I did not have time to react. It took a walk by a footpath in I finish to call Malarina Payment, jurisdiction of the town of Laguardia, for but signs. They were the eleven in the morning of a Sunday of January. It intuited that the sun Lucia on me, […]