Business Promoters

Guys successfully replaced last year's fruit and vegetable promoters, and have now every chance to register at the festival – would be enough just fantasy. And now – about the seminar. I must say that insidious administration did not unintentionally put Junius Davydova in extreme conditions. Instead of any logical on BTL-environment, he went to […]

Nations United

It is democracy a consequence of economic well-being or its prelude, in any case, all the studies agree in a direct relationship: to major development, greater democracy. These ideas are in accordance with those of the researchers Clauss Offe and Philippe Schmiter, the Humboldt University – Berlin and Stanford-USA respectively, those who analyze and dive […]

Multifunctional designer

Every day we are increasingly surrounded by advertising. Without a variety of types of advertising we can not imagine any business or daily life. Alone of a large set of visual advertising – from huge street banners and stands to tiny fliers and business cards. Nowadays, more and more often various types of advertising on […]


If you would like to start this Fund? First of all, should pay all the debts of your month (auto, mortgage, school, services) and then pull out a little of your wasteful spending (idas movies, dinners with friends, games for rent, gym membership). If your think you have all your salary spent at the beginning […]


This specialized powerful software that is placed on one or more separate (dedicated) web servers, that 24 hours a day only address problems associated with mailing and handling problems for customers for this service. Try to pitch to 20.000 subscribers in most of the traditional virtual servers hosting and you immediately arises a lot of […]