Super Profitable Business

Super-profitable business, a new design direction! Who does not like chips? I think there are not fans of chips there is not much. Chips like both adults and children. Five years ago, chips were the most popular views in Russia snacks – they ate 60% of domestic consumers. Business for the manufacture of chips is very profitable, but you yourself every day you see advertisements on tv chips, the company is clearly not a curse. curly chipsySeychas in Russia sold quite a few brands of chips, including domestic ones. Lines for the preparation of this product installed on large enterprises in potato processing, and become the basis for small productions.

The fact is that involved in the manufacture of chips can be at different stages and make them into different technologies – this will depend on the amount of investment and output. Establish their own small business producing chips, and at the same time withstand the fierce competition, we can make chips using an original form, such as a spiral. To open a full-fledged business, you will need an electric typewriter, for the production of curly chips, cost is within $ 2000 and an electric or gas fryer with Bath at least 35 cm, potatoes, butter and spices market sales of the original free chips: all cinemas, entertainment outlets, street markets, railway stations, zoos, circuses, etc. You can also (on its own terms) to offer electric cars in youth + restaurants to earn revenue from sales of sticks. If you sell for 30 rubles. for a curly chips (ie potatoes) is admissible at the station at market or entertainment 100 pcs. and that is 100 pieces.

(For the station) There for five minutes as is not expensive + + + is not usually good. Costs are minimal (potatoes, oil, spices). If you sell at 30R. it's not bad for buyer and seller! Not talking about kids!