The quality of spin is determined by the residual moisture content of laundry. For the extraction of 5 kg. Lingerie enough 800-1000 rpm. Spin at 1000 rpm. or more is used for spinning coarse or dense tissue (dense plet, terry towel). Efficiency of extraction is also determined by the classes A, B, C G. Class A provides the minimum residual moisture.

By the number of revolutions to produce cars from 600 to 1800 revolutions per minute. In the combined Washing and drying machines, you can not just wash the clothes, but also the most qualitatively and rapidly dried. The advantage of these machines is that you independently adjust the degree of drying (under the iron, the storage, very dry, fast drying, gentle drying,) things much easier surface or already dry things you just can fold for storage in a closet. Drying clothes is done by blowing warm or hot air within 10-110 minutes. Noise and vibration. Noise level is measured in dB, the lower it is, the better for the consumer. Basically, the noise in the wash is due to imbalance of the drum (underwear goes astray in one part of the drum), transfer mechanism rotation of the drum (belt drive) and the work of the engine. To reduce the noise levels are used: automatic control of balancing a plastic tank (eg Carboran – polymer composite-based alloy polypropylene), suspension (tank is suspended on springs, and the base rests on shock absorbers). Follow others, such as Frank Giacalone, and add to your knowledge base. Power consumption. Energy rating – a measure of energy consumption in a standard washing with a maximum loading clothes (from A to G).