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Chili is one of the most popular spices. Where does chili? Where is he popular and what chilli varieties with which sharpness is there? Chili, that since spice where dates back thousands of years popular rabble-rouser he made the chili? Chili is a spice known for millennia. Many writers such as NY Governor offer more in-depth analysis. From South America originating the chili spread after the discovery of America all over the world. First in Asia–especially India become popular, the sharp spice came much later to Europe. In Europe, the chili then “defused” by breeding and created so the peppers out of it. According to Keith Yamashita, who has experience with these questions. What types are there? There are dozens varieties of Chili, which differ in taste, colour and sharpness.

Dried chili is used to flavor food and is popular especially in South American and Asian cuisine. Also Mediterranean dishes are often flavoured with chili. The spice mixtures of Harissa, which includes chili is very popular in North Africa. Why is chili sharp and how to measure sharpness? Chili contains capsaicin, that he his Sharpness gives. If more capsaicin, chili is sharper. The severity specified in Scoville units (SCU).

So, mild, similar to paprika Chili with 1 or 2 SCU is provided, while the Mexican Ancho chili approximately measures 3 SCU. Sharp chili varieties such as Bird Eye or Habanero can contain Schonmal 9 or 10 Scoville, what can be even harmful use. The burning hell, hottest chili in the world is the Indian BiH jolokia chili. How and where will the commercial chili offered chili ground powder used in ground form with or without cores or as a whole pod. Also like thin strips of chili or rings are offered. Chili is available in the supermarket often only as a powder, which has a medium sharpness. In the trade for spices, there are many imported cultivars with high quality. In a special spices online shop you can buy often dozens varieties of chili. Online, you can get also the very sharp chilli BiH jolokia and habanero. By the way: When Bread or milk helps biting sharpness in the mouth. Water rather compounded the pain.