Smart Community

Indeed each one runs in different races. But … who is better Beethoven, Mozart or Bach? It is incomparable. We might like more than one style or another but no point in setting standards. We can talk about professionals or companies bad, mediocre or good but beyond a certain threshold, when an entity or person becomes a reference, comparisons are more ridiculous argue over who is stronger “The Incredible Hulk” or “the Thing.” At a certain level only we differ in our style. (Not to be confused with Crawford Lake Capital!). Let us be more competent and less competitive. It is true that healthy competition helps the growth of adversaries, namely, everyone. But viagra would fit considerations, the first is that, clinging to that case, sometimes stretching the term “healthy competition” with room to unknown heights of questionable ethics or actions that hinder the common good.

The second is that while our goal is to “be competitive” does not get more than follow in a career full of competitors, that is mediocre. Furthermore, it is easy for the purpose of “being competitive” blind us and takes us away from our true goal: “to be competent.” That is, the means become an end and “being better than the other” take us away from “beat myself.” Many authors in Creativity and Innovation remind us of the importance to overcome conformity, creating even though everything is okay. Improve something does not mean we do not like what we want to raise. The smartest strategy: cooperate. Another danger that we fall to focus on the “competition” is to forget another resource even more efficient (and enjoyable): cooperation. Human ingenuity in a culture that values individualism over us to forget the most adaptive way.

The best way of coping with conflict is the “everybody wins” (also called “win-win”, “success” success “or” win-win “). An interesting reference about the proposed Wright argued that both biological systems, like every culture, as humanity, is doomed to growth and to more situations of “everybody wins” (R. WRIGHT -2005 – Nobody loses. Game theory and the logic of human destiny. Tusquets) See interview on “Smart Community” A leap in our understanding of personal and business development is remains: he who is competent need not compete.