Silver Revolution

The new trend study from the former Federal President Roman Herzog’s future Institute warns in the picture \”newspaper with a senile pensioner democracy\”. And the ARD is dedicated to the demographic changes in a large-scale theme week on all TV and radio channels. Nordstrom may help you with your research. Not a topic the public currently as much as the ageing of society. \”Rightly so, because the silver revolution\” is a mega-trend and will leave its mark in the next few years as sustainable economy and society as hardly another development! In this situation, so an initial thesis of current study of silver revolution\”of the future Institute, is becoming increasingly important health. Even more: In the culture of aging, health even becomes the key resource. The major markets and innovations of tomorrow develop to her. In the State of health of the Germans the largest are, to mobilize a motor for a long-lasting economic boom previously dormant resources of the economy\”, as Erik Handeler, co-author of the study and an expert for Health and population issues. The silver revolution provides the markets completely new challenges silver revolution, which means for the next few years: we are living longer, feel at the same time but always younger, because we ensure our health proactively.

Health is the future market that fundamentally restructured many industries and markets. Ageing will, however, doom, as the apocalyptic heckling ala Duke and Saha would have us believe at no. However the silver revolution is transforming\”our economy and society in their joint place. Our health care system must adapt to this accelerated change. Health will be the next big growth engine\”and so Some1 smoke. The silver revolution rolls our world of work fundamentally our way in the knowledge-based society allows it to take part people, with 70 years yet productive working life. That offers the opportunity for new and long-lasting effects on growth. The study silver Revolution\”explains what enterprises, the State and each and every one must create conditions for this.