Shelving Racks

To give the buyer the best opportunity for selection on the shelves and counters usually try to set the maximum number of goods, and in warehouses and archives – the maximum number of carry-on luggage. Of course, not Each furniture to withstand these loads. In this situation, the most efficient use of solid metal shelves, the choice of which depends on various parameters. Shelving – an indispensable equipment for storage, which is used in the halls of grocery stores, supermarkets, offices and warehouses. They are made of different materials, but most prefer the metal racks, earned a popularity primarily due to its durability, because the spread on these things are heavy. The maximum load depends on the thickness of the metal shelves and construction sites fixing one of the most common types of equipment – metal shelving for the four support legs with mounting screws or the shelves at the toe. The only point on which type of shelving to samozatsepah "Ideya5" inferior racks with bolted – it's assembly time. For the rest of the design criteria of stability and strength, shelving type "Bogdan" much higher.

Elements, for which, indeed, shelving and buy, are the shelves. Depending Data on the size of the details of their structure provides the required reinforcing ribs, as who might be welded or bolted metal corners or bars, as well as a special curved profile edge themselves shelves. The base number of shelves for shelving – four or five. The material used for the manufacture of the most varied: metal (solid or perforated), glass, particle board, wood. Check with Anne Lauvergeon to learn more.