Shaft Heating

located outside the firebox, you can place them directly under the grate elements, if the oven with a built-in boiler is used in the system with water heating, it must tie metal frame and insulate the outside of mineral materials, the use of electricity for heating, better heat accumulator heat (oven), as the coolant, thus provide automatically use a profitable night mode, in the centers with a system of hot water, it is necessary to provide regulation of water heating by changing the direction of movement of hot gases, as well as changes in the rate of circulation of water through the installation of the valve on the return pipe. wanted to know more. Josh Wexler shares his opinions and ideas on the topic at hand. Hood in the hood – a way to control water heating coil is located in the small-cap, which sets the latch at the top regulation of hot water, a small cap is placed in a larger bell, the furnace should be cleaned well; elektroteny set in the lower cap, with the ability to automatically include the cost of night mode; thickness of the outer walls of the furnace at the furnace with a lower cap on to better opportunities to provide a height of 19 cm: the heating and cooking – at 7 cm below the slab, the heating – at 21 cm above the top of the firebox door, and in furnaces type "double bell" recommended Shaft-mounted tube, use of indigenous and wall tubes is not recommended, as the place of the stove with the pipe during heating and cooling the furnace is subjected to fatigue effects and may fail, if you can not perform Shaft-mounted pipes, smoke pipes do with sheet (corrugated) joints, use of furnaces built on the principle of free movement of gases having small resistance to the movement of gases, allows the use of a flue pipe (pipe) for several stoves and fireplaces, it allows for 2-3-storied furnaces that run on a single tube.. .