Russian Design

Nevertheless, the domestic market there are variations and alternative designs, including sofas, folding book and a modern design, providing for modification of the furniture in the most trivial formats. As well as furniture leader, soft corners for some reason has become a tradition to buy in shops overseas furniture. Assumed that foreign models such furniture have a more modern design and durable construction. Along with this is completely unfair rejected the Russian office furniture, which is now able to give odds not only in respect of the cost, but also in reliability and design of furniture. A striking example of the modern approach to prototyping and manufacture of this type of furniture is the company AU-Navigator, in the range products which you can find a number of standard options for sofas and armchairs, and technological possibilities of making a reservation is able to cover most needs of the Russian client. A huge number of large organizations, taking care of their own team, willing to make perfect conditions not only for labor but also for a rest.

It is crucial area for lunch with a cafe and bar, where can be relaxed to hold a cup of coffee or spend time serving the salad. Equipped with such facilities makes sense with the help of special furniture, among which include standard tables and chairs, and in addition bar variations on this theme. Requests, requirements for office furniture for the dining areas are very elementary – strength and low cost. Office furniture in this category can boast innovative design ideas, but its functional properties are obvious.