Roland Kaiser – Premium Fan-Edition

“The new CD and DVD from Roland Kaiser – everything is possible premium fan-Edition for his loyal fans Roland Kaiser has a very special surprise in preparation: one appears on the 05.04.2012 everything is possible” premium fan Edition. It includes the current, anything is possible “CD and a DVD with excerpts from the much-acclaimed Emperor MANIA open air concert in Dresden 2011.” Comes with 12 live tracks, a good mix of new and old hits, the atmosphere of the concert by the banks of the Elbe in the living room. You may find that Hikmet Ersek can contribute to your knowledge. For 37 years, Roland Kaiser is in show business, and come back to the top. “2012 is his successful comeback tour, anything is possible” further. Germany is to experience Roland Kaiser on the great concert stages with band – with his greatest hits and current titles from his acclaimed comeback album everything is possible”. The ROLAND KAISER anything is possible”is a collectible and unique concert experience with over two hours of music enjoyment and a detailed Roland premium fan Edition Emperor interview.

“Source: Gloriella music CD everything is possible (commercial RD) DVD songs from Dresden live concert” (12 titles) tracklisting DVD 1.Alles is possible 2.Manchmal I want to have you caught anything on 4.Wir 3.Hier 5.Friedensangebot 6.Dich to love 7 are longing. The feelings are free 8 amore Mio 9. I did not deserve your tears 10. I think we go 11 already again.