Rogaciano Milk

He was secretary of the Bishop of the Diocese of Fishing and nominated vicar of the Parish of They are Peter of the Umburanas in day 4 of January of 1928, assumed it, in definitive, day 09 of the same month. Than more religious, he was one politician who left its mark, dedicating 42 years of its life the Itapetim, falecendo the 1 of December of 1969. The celebration of the first mass was lead by the Manoel priest Gomeses, of the parish of Are Jose of the Ingazeira, today Are Jose of Egypt, together with Frei Ibiapina of the Order of the Franciscanos. They had been housed in the house of three vitalinas, that had shown to religious an image of Are Peter, found in a grotto of rock alteada for the Portuguese our pioneers. In homage, Ibiapina baptized the Chapel of Is Peter, who, later, would be the padroeiro.

The first name of Itapetim was Umburanas, after the beginning of the povoamento, was called Is Peter of the Lages, for the decree n 92 of 31 of March of 1928. For the Law n 235 of 9 of December of 1938, already in the category of Village to passouchamar i Itapetininga, remaining only the Parish with the previous name. In 31 of December of 1943 for Decree n 952 again was modified the name due to a city homnima of the interior of So Paulo. From this date, the city passed definitively to the current name, for the Law n 1818 of 29 of December of 1953, Itapetim becomes City, being desmembrado of Is Jose. In Itapetim the river Paje is born, tributary of the river San Francisco, cradle of the great improvising poets, amongst them the brothers Batista and Rogaciano Milk. Main the economic activities are agriculture, with the permanent chestnut farmings of cashew, sisal or agave, orange, banana, goiaba and sleeve and the temporary potato farmings candy, sugar cane of sugar, beans, cassava, maize and tomatoe. Other excellent activities are cattle and the commerce.